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Neighbourhood Shopping Centre – Boundary Road, Thornlands


A development application has been lodged for a Neighbourhood Shopping Centre, located 128-144 Boundary Road, Thornlands.

Designed by Cottee Parker, the proposal includes a two storey local shopping centre, providing a range of specialty store tenancies, medical, service station, fast food restaurants, retail, health care centre, dining and supermarket on the corner site. The design includes tenancy arrangements for dining and hotel in proximity to public plaza space, greenspace and playscape.

Retail/Supermarket Tenancies
Supermarket Building 1 (4,059sqm)
Building 2 (266.43sqm)
Building 3 (354.37sqm) 
Building 4 (178.20sqm)

Health Care Centre
Building 2 (266.42sqm)
Building 3 (354.35sqm) 

Commercial Office
Building 4 (165.97sqm)
Building 5 (544.82sqm) 
Building 6 (397.05sqm)

Fast Food
Building 7 (266.76sqm)

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Building 7 (266.76sqm)

Refreshment Tenancies
Building 6 (397.05sqm) 
Building 9 (31.36sqm)

Service Station
Building 8 (163.02sqm) 

The site is within the Local Centre zone and has road frontage to Boundary Road, Panorama Drive and new local road to be constructed as part of the proposed development. The proposed development is positioned on a new lot to the south east corner of the site,  in accordance with the Paradise Garden Preliminary Approval Plan of Development. The existing agricultural practices will be removed from the site to facilitate the proposed Shopping Centre.

Local Centre Details
– Supermarket
– Hotel
– Health Care Centre
– Refreshment Tenancy
– Service Station
– Fast Food with drive through
– Commercial office
– Future development site
– Landscaped street frontages
– Service area landscape screening/buffer
– North Plaza green space / playscape
– North Plaza alfresco zone
– Boundary Road and Panorama Drive entrance
– Basement and open car parking area.
– Pe
destrian access from multiple entrances


The proposal provides 400 car parking spaces (6 click n collect spaces and 9 people with disability spaces) provided within the basement and open car parking areas. Vehicle access is provided to Boundary Road, Panorama Drive and new local road.

The planners at Development Directive state, “The central node is located in the busiest part of the centre, at the major pedestrian junction and adjacent to the dining precinct. It will provide a landmark for pedestrian legibility and create an interesting, engaging and active public realm infront of shop fronts”.

“Infront of the Supermarket and sleeving shops, a north to south pedestrian spine will include trellis and undercover walkways with associated climber wires and planting beds. In addition to aesthetics, the trellis structure will provide a clear distinction between the pedestrian realm and car park and provide a legible north-south pedestrian walkway through the centre. This north-south connection ultimately connects to the green space, with a void and walkway through the centre northern elevation”.

The district centre is increased to 7,940sqm of gross floor area (GFA) over the 62,540sqm site.



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The Application Information and References
– Lodged: 27 May 2021
– Address: 128-144 Boundary Road, Thornlands
– Council Reference: MCU21/0094
– Zone: Local Centre
– Neighbourhood Plan: N/A
– Application Report: Development Directive
– Design Drawings: Cottee Parker
– Landscaping Drawings: CUSP
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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