$4.5 Million Minjerribah Cultural Centre – North Stradbroke Island


The State Government has announced that it will commit an additional $4.5 million to construct the Minjerribah Cultural Centre on North Stradbroke Island, in addition to the $4 million already pledged to the project by the state. The project seeks to increase the tourism industry growth on the island with the removal of the sand mining industry.

The comment comes from the $25 million economic transition strategy to establish Minjerribah as a globally recognised cultural and eco-tourism destination.

Kate Jones, Minister for Tourism Industry Development announced the funding on a recent visit to North Stradbroke Island and outlined that the project would create 37 jobs (18 ongoing) and attract more than 20,000 people a year. It would also generate more than $8.5 million a year for the local economy during construction and more than $2.5 million for local businesses once up and running.

“We’re committed to developing new attractions on North Stradbroke Island to create jobs for locals”. “More than ever before, we’re seeing that tourists want a unique cultural experience when they come to Australia”. “Minjerribah’s rich culture and natural beauty is its greatest asset.” she said.

The Quandamooka Art, Museum and Performance Institute would be known as QUAMPI and would showcase art, artifacts and aboriginal culture of the Quandamooka people with the thousands of visitors.

“With conference and dining facilities by the waters of Deanbilla Bay in Goompi (Dunwich), this centre will allow local operators to tap into the growing business tourism market”.

“The centre will become a key link in southeast Queensland’s tourism landscape – connecting Meeanjin (Brisbane) to Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) in the itineraries of astute cultural tourists who we know stay longer and spend more”.

“It will also become a launch point for the unique Indigenous tours and experiences available for visitors across the island.” 

“This cultural centre will bring together ancient artefacts with contemporary art, music, dance and performance. It will also give First Nation artists a platform to be part of exhibitions and events,”

“The name QUAMPI refers to the local pearl shell of oysters that have been a favoured food of Quandamooka people for thousands of years.” she said.

Cameron Costello, chief executive of the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) outlined that the QUAMPI would be a place for Quandamooka people to share their culture, heritage and art with visitors from all over the world.

“Quandamooka culture is in a period of renaissance with language, traditional arts and crafts, particularly fibre art, dance and performance all thriving on Minjerribah,”

“QUAMPI will be the centrepiece for Quandamooka culture, providing an authentic Indigenous experience for visitors, as well as a place for our people to come together and explore and strengthen culture, providing a source of ongoing employment and pride for our community.” Mr Costello said.

Project Timeframe
– Expected to be complete in 2021

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