$10 Billion Gas Project – Surat, South West Queensland


The Queensland State Government has welcomed the start of Queensland’s largest gas project since 2011. Arrow Energy has announced that it will commence its $10 Billion Surat Gas Project in southern Queensland, with new investment from shareholders PetroChina and Shell, who committed to the project.

Dr Anthony Lynham, minister for Mines outlined that Arrow’s decision to move ahead with the project was supported, with Stage 1 located between Dalby and Wandoan which will use a significant third-party infrastructure collaboration agreement between Arrow and Shell-QGC to utilise existing infrastructure, minimised project impacts on nearby communities and landholders and enabled a faster path to market.

“The first phase will create 200-plus construction jobs, which will start almost immediately, as well as millions of dollars in business opportunities for local suppliers.” “Arrow has been part of southern Queensland’s economy for 20 years now, with a local workforce that predominantly live in the region. “Today’s announcement means continued work for them, and employment for the other workers that will be needed for the Surat Gas Project,” Dr  Lynham said.

Project Details
– 16 petroleum leases
– 2500km2 of land between Dalby and Chinchilla
– Arrow has binding land access compensation agreements
– local landholders involved in its field
– extra 5000 petajoules of gas to market over 27 years
– 270 terajoules /day during phase one’s peak production
– 700TJ/day towards a whole-of-project peak.

Project Timeframe
– construction beginning – late 2020
– first gas forecast – 2021

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– Media Release: Major projects mark COVID-19 recovery
– Map: Arrow Surat Gas Project Map
– Images: Arrow Surat Gas Project
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