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$1 Billion Airport Master Plan Expansion & Transit Loop – Brisbane Airport


The Brisbane Airport Corporation has released the ‘Brisbane Airport 2020 Master Plan’ that sets out the blue print for the next 20 years of airport expansion.

The Australian Government approved Brisbane Airport’s 2020 Master Plan on 10 March 2020 that outlines information on all aspects of airport operations for the next two decades, including investment and initiatives that may be required.

The Brisbane Airport 2020 Master Plan contained planning for growth and facilitating Brisbane Airport’s future. The report covers growth in passenger numbers, economic projections, employment and Brisbane City construction projects.

Brisbane Airport’s 2020 Master Plan outlined initial upgrades to both existing terminals before 2025 and then future northern and western terminals positioned in proximity to the new runway.

Michael Jarvis, head of planning for Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) outlined that the timeframes of the airport upgrade would move, should Brisbane be confirmed as the host city for the 2032 Summer Olympic Games.

“The new northern terminal will be right in the middle between the two runways, facing out towards the bay”.

“It will be close to both runways and it can be integrated between domestic and international operations”.

“That is something that airlines, particularly airlines based in Australia, really want because they can connect flights within Australia and then out internationally,” Mr Jarvis said.

The existing international terminal would remain in operation as airlines gradually shifted a new single new terminal and the repurposing of the existing international terminal would be known in 15 years, however connected to the envisaged monorail link.

“It has got a bit of life in it yet, so we will continue to use it while we have airlines progressively moving to the new northern terminal”.

“We would still be using it over a 10-year period”, Mr Jarvis said.
A Brisbane Airport Corporation spokeswoman said there was a good chance that timeline could be moved forward.

“Should Brisbane be selected as the host city for the 2032 Olympic Games, it will be catalytic for this project as we will be working towards the 2032 timeline,” she said.

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Possible / Future Projects
– Expansion of Domestic and International
– Aviation Support Facilities and Services
– New Road Connections
– New Skygate Air Train Station
– New Remote Aircraft Parking and Taxiway
– New Northern Terminal
– Future Western Terminal Fronting New Runway
– Future Western and Northern Terminal Connection
– Future Mass Transit System Loop.

Future Mass Transport Netowrk

To accommodate the new projects, the Brisbane Airport 2020 Master Plan outlines the airport land use neighbourhood zones, which have been connected by a future mono rail loop to connect the buildings,

“We have buses doing that at the moment and it would replace that when the levels get high enough to need it.”

“Once we get beyond that 50 million passengers-per-year level, and needing that new terminal in the northern area, we are going to be prioritising the areas first and foremost”.

“Then how people get around the precinct and where the monorail would fit if it is needed” Mr Jarvis said.

Future Airport Neighbourhoods

Mr Jarvis said the airport’s master plan included this type of technology to improve public access.

“There is a lot of action happening in cities which are very congested at the moment, so Los Angeles, for example.”

“It is still an emerging technology, but we want to make sure that if it does happen in south-east Queensland that passengers in the future could hop into one of these and get to where they want to be” Mr Jarvis said.

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
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– Date Announced: 10 March 2020
– Brisbane Airport Master Plan
BAC Summary Information
– Images: Google Streetview and Aerial

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