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Woolworths and Dan Murphy’s – Samford Road, Ferny Grove


Woolworths and Dan Murphy’s have been announced as the anchor tenants for the $140 Million transport orientated development, located at Samford Road, Ferny Grove.

Woolworths have secured the 3,200sqm tenancy and signed a 15-year lease, with Dan Murphy leasing a 1,700sqm tenancy for 10-year lease.

The Ferny Grove Central redevelopment is being lead by Honeycombes Property Group, with managing director Peter Honeycombe outlining the mix and calibre of the anchor tenants reflects the demand for quality retail in the area.

Mr Honeycombe said extensive community consultation had been undertaken by the company in refining the project’s design and other elements to ensure it provides the perfect blend of lifestyle and convenience for the area.

“Our approach has not only been forward-thinking and design-led but also very much community-focused to enable us to deliver a transit-oriented development that will be both transformative and embraced by local residents”.

“The huge level of interest from retailers, big and small, in what we are creating at Ferny Grove Central has been unprecedented and just goes to show the heightened demand for quality retail opportunities in the area,” he said.

“Woolworths and Dan Murphy’s as the development’s two anchor tenants, will provide the key to reinvigorating this end-of-line railway station precinct into a thriving neighbourhood village that combines retail, residential and entertainment amenities.

“Our aim is to breathe new life into the precinct with Ferny Grove Central and getting the retail mix right is an important part in successfully achieving that.”

Designed by bureau proberts the new neighbourhood centre development incorporates a mix of centre activities, including a supermarket, restaurants, retail and recreational facilities contributing to an urban hub supported by the existing train station and bus interchange.

The elongated 3.5ha site is bounded by Lanita Road, Conavalla Street, Samford Road, Arbor Street and adjoins the Ferny Grove Station. The development is recognised as a Transit-orientated development (TOD) and is proposed over four (4) stages. The proposal seeks to provide an assortment of uses to support the local area and commuters of the existing ferny grove train station.

– Precinct 1: Commuter car park;
– Precinct 2: Retail & lifestyle precinct
– Precinct 3: Residential precinct

Proposed Stages
Stage 1 – Parking station (428 spaces)
Stage 2 East Building – Office, Retail, Cinema and Bar (Hotel)
Stage 2 West Building – Supermarket, Retail, Gym, medical centre, Child care and 469 car parks
Stage 3 – 64 Multiple Dwellings and Retail
Stage 4 – 446 car parks (for Stage 2)

Parking Station
The new structure will provide 428 car parking spaces over 3 levels (approximately 8.5m high) and will have vehicle access to Conavalla Street and Samford Road via an internal road. The publicly accessible commuter car park.

East and West Buildings
The two (2) inter-connected buildings will be between three (3) storey and six (6) storey design, plus basement car Parking. The 5,500sqm eastern building and 8,100sqm western building will provide an range of land uses in an open mall design to encourage pedestrian movement.

Residential Tower
The proposal includes sixty four (64) multiple dwellings within a six (6) storey residential tower with one (1) to three (3) bedrooms units and ground flood retail (140sqm). The units range from 52sqm to 116sqmin size, with balcony private open space and rooftop communal space that includes barbeque, pool, lounge and open terrace space.

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Information and References
– Information: Honeycombespropertygroup
– Design Drawings: bureau proberts
– Urban Design Report: bureau proberts
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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