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Wizard of OZ Precinct – Movie World, Gold Coast


Warner Bros. Movie World has announced that the planning is well underway for a new world-first Wizard of Oz precinct for all ages to open in 2024.

The new precinct will include a new immersive themed area, filled with all things Wizard of Oz that will be designed to cater to the entire family.

Location of new Precinct

Clark Kirby, CEO of Village Roadshow outlined the plans in a press conference held today, 20 July 2022.

“We are really thrilled to date to be standing here to announce a brand new precinct coming here to Warner Brothers Movie World, the Wizard of OZ”.

“This is going to be the 1st Wizard of Oz Precinct anywhere in the world and immersive theming, two brand new rides, a family suspended Costa and also a dualling family boomerang racer”

“We are bringing the movies back to Movie World in this all-new precinct”, Mr Kirby said.

Location of new Precinct

Development Details
– Demolition of Arkham Asylum (Shock Therapy) ride
– World-first Wizard of Oz Precinct to open in 2024
– Two new family-friendly rides
– Suspended Family Coaster (454m long track, 19m high and 67km/h)
– Family Boomerang Racer (Two tracks – 225m and 220m long, 22m high and 58km/h)
– High capacity attractions with low height and age restrictions
– Multi-million-dollar immersive precinct for all family experiences.

The concept images provide a glimpse of the thematic elements including projection mapping, stunning sculptures and facades as you travel along a yellow brick road. Themes include a Mad Hatters Tea Party area, Dorothy’s Farm in Kansas ride and a Castle with flying Monkeys ride

Cameron Dick, Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment outlined his support for the new precinct and Village Roadshow’s multimillion-dollar investment in the tourism businesses to lure tourists back to Queensland.

“Across Australia, everyone can click their heels 3 times and know there’s no place like the Gold Coast”.

“Our nation-leading economic performance sends a strong signal to business that now is the time to invest in Queensland”.

“The Wizard of Oz will give tourists even more reasons to visit Movie World and the Gold Coast,” he said.

“And those tourists support jobs in hotels, restaurants and small businesses right across the coast.”

The announcement comes as the Arkham Asylum (Shock Therapy) ride, known also as Joker’s Funhouse! was demolished in July 2022 since it stopped operating in 2019 and is the location of the new precinct.

Closed Arkham Asylum (Shock Therapy) ride

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
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– Media Release: Movie World
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview and Aerial

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