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Wetland Concept Design – Cannery Creek, Northgate


The Urban Utilities has released a Wetland Concept Design for the improvement of the Cannery Creek watercourse in Northgate, with the aim of improving wet weather management for the Northgate and Banyo catchment.

Out of the explored ideas, the chosen concept explores a nature based solution to resolve overflow during wet weather events and manage the public risk of neighbouring dwellings in proximity. Two options have been put forward to address the current state of the creek.

Sewerage Issues
The project comes on the back of a decade of community concern, with the Brisbane City Council and Urban Utilities not able to address the community safety concern for wet weather events. Over the years, raw sewerage would mix with stormwater and flow into the creek corridor. Council records indicate that community meetings were held and the issue was listed in a petition raised by the local councillor in 2015 to the lord mayor.

With publicly raised awareness, Urban Utilities formed a community planning team (CPT) in 2019 to work with external experts, landscape architects and stormwater treatment specialists to co-design the creek corridor they would like to see.

Explored Options
– A traditional ‘grey infrastructure’ approach of building larger, more expensive pipes
– A nature-based solution in the form of constructed wetlands, to naturally treat the overflow water before entering the creek.

Natural Based Concept
The proposed Cannery Creek Sewer Upgrade will include ponding, creating small dams that will allow cleaned water to pass, rehabilitation of the creek beds and overflow corridor pathway network and seating. The nature-based approach would achieve the same customer overflow, public health and environmental outcomes as the traditional solution but at a significantly lower cost.

The concept design is not approved yet and a community information day informing residents of the current concept design for the Cannery Creek Sewer Upgrade project.

Wetland Design
During 2019/2020 period, the CPT put forward a recommendation that Urban Utilities constructed wetlands as a nature-based solution and concept plans be prepared for the Cannery Creek Sewer Upgrade.

The Urban Utilities board endorsed the project in February 2021. The project was processed to the next stage to provide a detailed design, while Urban Utilities considered the cost of works and project delivery method.

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
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– UU Announcement: Proposed Cannery Creek Sewer Upgrade
– Images: supplied by UU
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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