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Western Arterial Consultation – Caboolture West to Beerburrum


The Queensland State Government has announced that phased consultation will begin on an additional highway that will run parrell to the west of the Bruce Highway. The alternative location between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast will be and the preferred alignment for Stage 1 identified through Caboolture West.

Three Caboolture West Options – Stage 1

Paul Fletcher, Federal Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts outlined that the Australian Government was committed to funding the delivery of critical road projects across Queensland.

Michael McCormack, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development outlined that Acciona Infrastructure Project Australia were selected to complete the first contract of works for the upgrade.

“The Bruce Highway is Queensland’s major freight route, connecting Brisbane to central and northern Queensland, including 11 coastal ports, major regional cities and key tourist destinations”.

“With growing population pressures across the Moreton Bay region, a new, alternative road connection to the west of the Bruce Highway will help boost the capacity of the local road network and reduce congestion.

“The Bruce Highway Western Alternative project is one of many critical infrastructure projects to receive funding from the Morrison Government as part of its record $110 billion, 10-year infrastructure investment pipeline, which is helping to drive Australia’s economic recovery”, the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Prefered Stage 1 Corridor

Steven Miles, Queensland Deputy Premier and Member for Murrumba outlined that the first phase of consultation for Stage 1 had recently wrapped up.

“Community consultation is an important part of major projects like this, to make sure we are delivering the best outcome for the community”.

“Through technical investigations and community feedback, the preferred corridor for Stage 1 has been identified from Moodlu to Moorina within the future Caboolture West development area”.

“The preferred alignment offered more opportunities for local road connections, better environmental outcomes and fewer property impacts,” Mr Bailey said.

“The central alignment starts at the D’Aguilar Highway and travels south towards Caboolture River Road, staying close to the existing power easement”.

“The corridor will provide for future interchanges and allow local roads to pass over or under the new road”.

“Connections will link with locations that support public and active transport, the future town centre, key employment areas and health and education facilities”.

“We will continue to work closely with Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning’s Growth Areas Team to ensure this corridor ties in with the current structure plan for the Caboolture West development.”

Terry Young, Federal Member for Longman, outlined that the central alignment starts at the D’Aguilar Highway and travels south towards Caboolture River Road, staying close to the existing power easement.

“The corridor will provide for future interchanges and allow local roads to pass over or under the new road”.

“This will be at locations which support public and active transport and access to the future town centre, key employment areas and health and education facilities”, Mr Young said.

Peter Flannery, Mayor of Moreton Bay Regional Council welcomed the significant step towards building a Bruce Highway alternative and said with a city the size of Mackay expected to call Caboolture West home in coming years, the demand for roads in the region would only grow exponentially.

“We might’ve won the bid to host the Olympic Games in 10 years’ time, but the demand for infrastructure is happening now. This is our second M1, our Coomera Connector – and to check off this milestone, means we can hopefully have shovels in the ground sooner,” Mayor Flannery said.

“The Bruce Highway is the spine of Queensland’s road network and Moreton Bay is positioned at its most critical point, which is why it’s vital we build a road that takes local traffic off this major freight route.

“If you get an alternative road up, you can take local traffic off the state’s biggest highway and accommodate the 70,000 people that’ll be moving here.

“We’ve gotten the funding for major Bruce upgrades from both levels of government and it’s great to see work happening there, but now is the time to start properly planning for a Bruce Highway alternative.

“With the preferred option for stage one locked in and the ball now rolling on the next stage, I’ll be working with both the Queensland and Federal Governments to make sure we can progress this project as fast as possible.”

Shane King, State Member for Kurwongbah said the Queensland Government would plan for the future of the corridor in stages, as part of the record $27.5 billion roads and transport budget.

“We are working closely with the Moreton Bay Regional Council to consider development pressure and understand future needs of the region as we prioritise future stages of the route”.

“The next priority stage (Stage 2) is south of Caboolture West from Moorina to Narangba and is around 13 kilometres long”.

“Consultation is expected to start for Stage 2 early next year (2022), however in the meantime the community can provide early feedback on future stages through the project webpage”.

“This project aims to provide appropriate future transport access and accommodate predicted growth in the area”,  Mr King said.

Future Stages to be considered

Key features – Stage 1 (Caboolture West)
– Improves access for emerging communities around Caboolture West.
– Improves safety.
– Increases certainty on future development within Caboolture West.
– Increases transport capacity.
– Supports future economic development of the Moreton Bay region.
– Preserves the existing function and efficiency of the Bruce Highway.
– Reduces travel time.

The consultation will also include directly affected landowners within the central option alignment, with a view to protect and gazette Stage 1 of the corridor through Caboolture West in early 2022. The broader community is also invited to provide feedback on Stage 1 of the corridor, as well as future stages.

Stage 1 Benefits
The selected option is based on significant technical merits
– impacts significantly fewer existing properties when compared to the eastern option
– enables better crossings of various waterways, reducing the corridor’s environmental and flooding impacts – additionally it will not impact Sheepstation Creek Conservation Park
– enables connectivity to the planned higher order road network within the Caboolture West Structure Plan – it supports high level access to the proposed town centre, key enterprise and employment areas, and access to and from the D’Aguilar Highway
– has flatter terrain, meaning there is less need for bridge structures and less material will need to be removed during construction, reducing overall cost when compared to the other options.

Funding Arrangement
Australian Government – $10 million
Queensland Government – $10 million

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The Application Information and References
All article information is sourced and available for review from referenced locations.
– Media Release: Further consultation for Bruce Highway Western Alternative
– Images: DTMR Website

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