Water Park & Holiday Resort – Steve Irwin Way, Glenview


The development application has been lodged for an Adventure Water Park Tourist Attraction and Holiday Resort, located at Steve Irwin Way, Glenview.

Designed by  Blackburne Jackson Architects, the proposal seeks Resort Complex & Tourist Attraction (Water Park) within 2 Precincts. The proposal includes one hundred and sixty five (165) short term accommodation villas and a range of recreational facilities, retail and water activities within the resort complex. The water based tourist attraction includes a number of pools, slides and entertainment.

Development Details
– The Northern Car Park
– The Tourist Attraction (Waterpark)
– The Resort Complex.

The proposal is known as Stage 1, with 3 future stages earmarked in the master planned tourist attraction surrounding the central lagoon.

Tourist Attraction (Waterpark)
– Western portion of the subject site
– Entrance (Building A1)
– Amenities and administration (Building A2)
– 2 storey height maximum
– Site cover of 1,340sqm
– Total gross floor area of 1,115sqm
– Water related rides (detail not part of this application)
– Three (3) pools within a landscaping
– Two (2) kiosks,
– One (1) pool bar
– Ancillary shop

Resort Complex
– 165 accommodation villas
– Restaurants, food and drink outlets
– Pools and green spaces
– Basketball and tennis courts
– Cafe, retail outlets and shops
– Indoor amusements
– Outdoor gazebos, bbq and firepits
– Spa and massage therapy
– Water activities in the constructed waterway
– 2 storey height maximum
– Total gross floor area of 9,271.7sqm
– Boat shed, Jetty and Pontoon

Villa Accommodation
– Thirsty One (31)  – x1 Bedroom Eco Villas
– Seventeen (17) – x2 Bedroom Eco Villas
– Thirty (30)  – x1 Bedroom Eco Villas
– Thirty Two (32)  – x2 Bedroom Eco Villas
– Three (3)  – x3 Bedroom Eco Villas
– Fifty Two (52)  – x2 Bedroom Eco Villas (2 Storey)

The Northern Car Park
– Three hundred and eighty two (382) car parking spaces
– Seven (7) PWD spaces
– Two (2) bus setdown spaces
– Three (3) bus parking spaces
– Six (6) taxi rank spaces
– Three (3) short term parking spaces to service the resort
– One (1) refuse service bay
– One (1) MRV bay
– 11 RV / trailer parking spaces
– New signalised intersection
– New 2 lane entrance to internal roundabout
– Significant entry statement

The planners Adams + Sparks, state “The proposed Resort Complex accommodation and its associated facilities are directly linked to the Waterpark Tourist Attraction and are intended to provide onsite accommodation for customers to the Waterpark, being primarily family orientated”.

“Given the low‐rise built form, being individual villa style accommodation, the proposed Resort will integrate appropriately into the natural surrounds, rather than a building that is 15 metres high in a rural environment.”.

“The proposed Resort Complex accommodation is interlinked by a network of pathways, lawns and other green spaces. Sensitively designed vehicular manoeuvring areas are proposed to facilitate convenient access for patrons to the accommodation areas”.

The development was earmarked for a tourist attraction when a Preliminary Approval for a Sunshine Coast Waterpark Master Plan was approved by Council after it was approved on 2 April 2015 (Council Ref: MCU14/0098) and slightly a change was approved on 16 August 2019 Council Ref: MCU14/0098.03)

The proposal includes 5,857sqm of gross floor areas, with15,420sqm (6.2%) site cover over the 24.77ha overall site area.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 16 December 2019
– Council: Sunshine Coast Regional Council
– Council Reference: MCU19/0330
– Address: 2652 Steve Irwin Way, Glenview
– Zone: Rural
– Neighbourhood Plan: None
– Application Report: Adams + Sparks
– Design Drawings: Blackburne Jackson Architects
– Landscaping Drawings: Lark Landscape & Urban Design

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from SCRC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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