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Multiple Dwellings – Ventura Street, Upper Mount Gravatt


A development application has been lodged for Multiple Dwellings, located at 2 and 4 Ventura Street, Upper Mount Gravatt.

Designed by AEQ Architects, the proposal seeks sixteen (16) medium density residential 2 bedroom units within a residential building that has a maximum building height of 5 storeys. The proposal seeks to remove two residential dwellings to facilitate the proposed development.


Basement / Ground Level
– 32 resident car parking spaces
– 4 visitor spaces
– Vehicle Access from Mascar Street
– Core lift well and stairs

Level 1
– Pedestrian access from Ventura Street
– Turfed lawn (40sqm)
– Outdoor dining space

Level 1 – 4
– four (2) x2 bedroom apartments

– Barbecue area
– Outdoor dining space
– Planter box landscaping

The proposal provides private open space in the form of balcony areas for each apartment and has provided communal open space on ground floor (39.3sqm) and rooftop (400.4sqm).

The proposal provides 32 resident car parking spaces and 4 visitor space (including 1 x PWD), with vehicle access from Mascar Street. Pedestrian access is taken from the first floor to Ventura Street supported by the topography of the site.

The planners at Place Design Group state, “The proposed building is suitably located on site to maintain residential amenity and privacy to adjoining premises, enabling the co-existence of dwelling houses and multiple dwellings. It is important to note that the subject site is adjoined by a 5 storey Multiple dwelling to the south.

Additionally, whilst a dwelling house is located to the east, all adjoining sites are located within the Medium density residential zone and the same precinct and sub-precinct in the Mt Gravatt corridor neighbourhood plan. As such, it is reasonable to assume that the adjoining site will eventually be developed and the proposed development does not limit the opportunity for the adjoining properties to be redeveloped”.

The proposal seeks 1,786sqm of gross floor area (GSA), with 584.12sqm (49%) in site cover across the 1,199sqm development site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 5 March 2020
– Council Reference: A005404998 
– Address: 2 and 4 Ventura Street, Upper Mount Gravatt
– Zone: Medium density residential
– Neighbourhood Plan: Mount Gravatt corridor
– Application Report: Place Design Group
– Design Drawings: AEQ Architects
– Landscape Design: LAUD ink
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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