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Urban Growth Areas – South East Queensland


The State Government has announced a task force will be setup to promptly investigate the potential land for future urban development in South East Queensland and to ensure infrastructure and affordable housing is included within the rise in population growth.

The announcement was made by Steven Miles, Minister for Planning at a SEQ Grown Forum, hosted by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA).

“I’ve tasked them with choosing one pilot growth area between now and the end of the month to work on integrated planning so we can get new stock on to the market, as fast as we possibly can”.

“This 88 per cent net migration to Queensland couldn’t have been predicted and now that we see it occurring, it’s incumbent on us to act quickly to ensure that land is available for the development industry”.

“There are particular challenges on the Gold Coast and in the Redlands area but in other parts Brisbane there are issues associated with fragmentation of development lots”.

The Planning Minister outlined a tight timeframe has been given to the task force to provide suitable land ‘pilot site’ for residential development in south-east Queensland within within the next month.

“Queensland’s population is booming, and I want to ensure our government and local councils can keep up with the increase in demand for land, housing and the supporting infrastructure that comes with it”.

“The pilot site identified will be an example of how local and state governments and the private sector can work together to plan for better communities”, Miles said.

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– Media Statement: SEQ Grown Forum hosted by UDIA.
Interactive Image: Google Article and Streetview

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