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‘Urban Forest’ Residential Tower – Merivale Street, South Brisbane


A development application for Aria Property Group has been lodged for a residential tower, retail and urban park, located at 82 and 88 Merivale Street, 23 and 25 Glenelg Street, South Brisbane. Labelled ‘the Urban Forest’ the proposal seeks to be a landmark in the Brisbane skyline and be known as the world’s greenest residential building.

Designed by Koichi Takada Architects, the proposal seeks three hundred and eighty two (382) high density units within a residential tower that has a maximum building height of 30 storeys (max ). The proposal also seeks ground floor retail, visitor centre and will contribute to public pedestrian space to the Merivale Street and Glenelg Street corner. The site is within the mixed use (inner city) zone and will remove the existing single and double storey office / warehouses over the site to facilitate the proposed development. 

Development Mix
– Two hundred and eight (208) x 2 bedroom units
– One hundred and seventy four  (174) x 3 bedroom units

Basements 2-7

– 462  car parks
– Vehicle security gates

– Lift and stairs
– Lobby

Lower Ground / Ground Floors

Basement 1 / Lower Ground
– 94 car parks
– 5 electric car parks
– Lift and stairs
– Lobby
– Information centre (90sqm)
– Bike workshop
– Public plaza space 

Lower Ground / Ground Floors

Ground Floor
– Vehicular access/egress
– Lobby
– canopy walkway
– Tiered garden beds
– Feature stairs
– Public open space
– Pedestrian pathways
– Basement car parking access

Second Floor
Twenty Eighth Floor

Floor 1
– Plant and Services

Floors 2- 27
– Eight (8) x 2 bedroom units
– Six (6) x 3 bedroom units

Floors 28- 30
– Six (6) x 3 bedroom units

Landscaped / Vegetated Exterior

Communal Floor 1
Communal Floor 2

Floor 31 (Common Floor 1)
– 50m swimming pool with water feature
– Spa area and Kids pool

– Poolside decking area with sun lounges
– Outdoor lounge with day beds
– Barbecue and seating area
– Outdoor play area

– Fire place
– Landscaped garden beds and seating
– HIT and Creche Rooms
– Amenities
– Hot and Cold pools
– Sauna room
– Indoor formal lounge
– Outdoor terrace lounge

Floor 32 (Common Floor 2)
– Cinema room
– Workspace room
– Games Room
– x2 fire places and lounge area
– x2 bars
– Kitchen with private dining
– Boardroom
– Outdoor terraces
– Amenities

– PV Panels (Solar) 
– Drone landing

The proposed development provides private open space in the form of balconies for every unit and 3,639sqm of communal open space on level 32 and 32. 

The proposal contains 561 car parking spaces (529 residential, 32 visitor) within 7 levels of basement levels. Pedestrian and vehicle access is provided to Grenelg Street.

The planners at Urbis state “The proposed masterplan requests to reduce Glenelg Street to two lanes (between Merivale and Cordelia Streets), allowing an increased footpath and an extension of the landscape design to incorporated new street trees and public domain upgrades.”

“The additional trees, lighting, artwork and footpath treatment is proposed to extent the full length of Glenelg Street through to Grey Street and Southbank, linking Musgrave Park with the SouthBank Parklands. This enhanced feel of Glenelg Street prioritises the pedestrian as slow moving vehicles create a traffic calmed zone, and trees maximise the shaded areas along the spine for people to pause and use”.

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
– Date Lodged: 3 July 2020
– Council Reference: A005490380
– Address: 82 and 88 Merivale Street, 23 and 25 Glenelg Street, South Brisbane
– Zone: Mixed use (Inner city)
– Neighbourhood Plan: South Brisbane riverside
– Application Report: Urbis
– Design Drawings: Koichi Takada Architects
– Landscape Drawings: Lat27
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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