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Twin Residential Towers – Eagle Farm Racecourse, Ascot


A development application has been lodged for two apartment buildings (Building C and Building D) within Sub Precinct 5B of the Eagle Farm Racecourse, Racecourse Road, Ascot.

The proposal seeks to provide Stage 2 of the Eagle Farm Racecourse redevelopment, with further high density housing positioned in proximity to the Ascot House building, St Leger Grandstand and the recently constructed St Leger House and Ascot House buildings.

Designed by Mirvac Design, the proposal seeks two residential towers that will accommodate two hundred and fifty six multiple dwellings over 2 stages. The initial stage will provide Building C (115 units) and the second stage will deliver Building D (141 units).  

The new towers will have a maximum building height of 15 storey in a gradual building height away from the historical grandstand within Eagle Farm Racecourse. Both towers will be provided with a 2 storey podium and communal recreational area proposed between Buildings C and D.

Development Details
– Tower C (115 apartments)
– Tower D (141 apartments)
– Forty Three (43) x 1 bedroom units
– One Hundred and twenty four (124) x 2 bedroom units
– Seventy Six (76) x 3 bedroom units
– Thirteen (13) x 4 bedroom units.
– Ground floor communal areas
– Rooftop communal areas

Ground Floor
Rooftop Communal Area
Rooftop Communal Area

The communal area has been landscaped designed to provide facilitates, visual interest and wayfinding throughout. The recreational amenities, swimming pool, barbeque and seating areas seeks to encourage social interaction and provide casual surveillance throughout the ground level area.

Ground Floor Communal Area
Ground Floor Communal Area
Ground Floor Communal Area

The proposed development includes 475 car parking spaces (424 residential spaces and 51 visitor spaces) within the two (2) basement floors and ground floor parking area. 4 on-street car parking spaces are also provided

84 bicycle parking spaces have also been provided (67 residential spaces and 17 visitor spaces split between the two buildings.  The basement access is provided to the internal driveway throughout the racecourse to several existing access locations access from Lancaster Road or Nudgee Road.

The proposal is for 7,868sqm of gross floor area (GFA) on the 18,400sqm subject site.

The planners at Urbis, state “the proposal represents a high-quality contemporary design outcome that contributes to the subtropical character of the locality and wider Brisbane. The curved edges of both towers reduce their visual impact and soften the edges on the building when viewed from the street and neighbouring properties. The proposal also integrates with the cultural heritage of the broader site as well as the design of Stage 1 by incorporating materials such as brick and perforated metal panels into the podium façade. Additional refinement of the built form has occurred through consideration of the building massing and articulation, façade treatment, landscape and open space provision, which further contributes to the high-quality architectural design”.

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The Application Information and References
– Lodged: 28 July 2021
– Council Reference: A005794918
– Address: Eagle Farm Racecourse, Ascot
– Zone: Sport and Recreation
– Neighbourhood Plan: Racecourse Precinct
– Application Report: Urbis
– Design Drawings: Mirvac Design
– Landscape Drawings: FORM
– Land Owner: Brisbane Racing Club
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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