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Neighbourhood Shopping Centre – Troughton Road & Boundary Road, Sunnybank


A development application has been recently lodged for Neighbourhood Shopping Centre, located at 84-90 Troughton Road and 1033-1035 Boundary Road, Sunnybank.

Designed by Idearchitecture, the proposal is referred to as ‘Cornerstone Living’ and includes a Shopping Centre (including Office, Sales Office, Shops & Food and Drink Outlet) within two (2) commercial buildings across site.

The existing sale centre, café and ancillary car parking will be removed to facilitate the development. The site is within the Low-Medium Density Residential zone and has road frontage to both Troughton Road and Boundary Road.

Development Details
Building 1
– One (1) small-scale supermarket (maximum 600sqm)
Building 2
– Four (4) retail tenancies ranging in size (103sqm – 119sqm)

Supermarket (Building 1)
– 1 Tenancies (579sqm GFA)
– Loading Bay (southern boundary)
– 17 car parking spaces
– 1 Storey (7.55m in height)
– Building frontage Advertising

Retail Tenancies (Building 2)
– Tenancy 2 (119sqm)
– Tenancy 3 (110sqm)
– Tenancy 4 (103sqm)
– Tenancy 5 (105sqm)
– Amenities (39sqm)
– Outdoor Dining Area (24sqm)
– 43 car parking spaces
– 1 Storey (less than 7.55m in height)
– Illuminated pylon sign
– Building frontage Advertising
60 vehicle car parking spaces (including 2 disabled spaces and 2 motorbike) including separate building loading bays are accommodated on the site and four (4) bicycle parking spaces. Vehicle access is provided via new entrance/exit location to Troughton Road.

Landscaping designed by Lat27, has been placed along the street frontages and along the footpath connection to Bland Street. The existing footpath will be extended though the proposal to the Troughton Road and Boundary Road street frontages. The retail tenancies will be provided plaza space for pedestrian movement between the buildings.

The planners at Cardno state, “the proposed development is consistent with the form and scale (is smaller in scale in areas) to the development to the west. The proposed development also provides variations in horizontal and vertical profile, with adequate amenity for tenants and adjoining residents. The development is low in scale and exhibits a human-scale to the street, with safe and easy pedestrian access provided through the site and along the site frontages.”

The proposal adds 1,080sqm of gross floor area, with a 1,400sqm (30.67%) of site cover on the 4,564sqm site

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 26 June 2018
– Council Reference: A004957866
– Address: 84-90 Troughton Road and 1033-1035 Boundary Road, Sunnybank
– Zone: Low-Medium Density Residential
– Neighbourhood Plan: Acacia Ridge – Archerfield
– Application Report: Cardno
– Design Drawings: Idearchitecture
– Landscape Design: Lat27
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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