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Tree Roots and Plumbing Issues in Brisbane


There are many plumbing issues that could make a homeowner start searching for a Gold Coast plumber near me. Leaks, clogs, and other plumbing emergencies can wreak havoc on your time and finances, but tree roots in your pipes can creep up on you and make those other plumbing problems look like child’s play.

Homeowners often don’t recognize the growing root problem in their pipes until it’s causing major drainage issues that could even require an entire system overhaul. Here’s what Brisbane homeowners need to know about tree roots and plumbing issues.

How Do Tree Roots Get Into Pipes?
One would think that steel or PVC pipes would be impenetrable and that tree roots can’t get into them. While pipes look solid, there are places where roots can easily get into them, even if they were installed correctly.

There are joints throughout your drainage pipe system and even if a plumber takes great care to seal these joints, the sealant may eventually dry out, causing the joint to loosen. Water will leak out of loose joints and tree roots seek water. Once they find a way into the pipes, where they can find lots of water, they’ll happily grow until they’re cleared out.

Even tiny leaks can give tree roots a way into the pipes. If these pipes are sewage draining pipes, the roots will get caught on debris and grease, which will increase the blockage and eventually cause a backup, flooding your house.

Tree roots will continue to grow inside your pipes, filling across and down them until they’re cleaned out, and if they grow too much, you’ll end up having to replace the entire system.

How to Prevent Tree Roots From Growing in Pipes?
If you don’t already have trees planted on your property, make sure you only plant them away from your plumbing service line. While tree roots can grow a long way, you want to make it as difficult as possible to get into your pipes.

Also, choosing slow-growing trees will help prevent them from quickly overtaking your plumbing and drainage system. If the roots grow slowly, you’ll have time to catch the issue before it becomes a major problem.

Most Brisbane homeowners probably already have trees on their land and they don’t want to remove them. To prevent tree roots from growing in your pipes from existing trees, you’ll need to have your pipes cleaned at least once a year and sometimes more often, depending on how fast the roots grow.

Slow-growing roots won’t need to be removed from your pipes nearly as often as fast-growing roots. Your plumber can give you a better idea of how often you should be getting your pipes cleaned to prevent blockages.

Is a Plumbing Professional Necessary?
You may not always need a professional plumber to clear your pipes of roots, but in most cases, their expertise will be required. They have special equipment that can locate the roots no matter where they are in your pipes and tools that can easily remove them. They can also repair your pipes so that water isn’t leaking from them and drawing the roots in. 

Trees make homeowner yards look fantastic and they actually increase the value of the property. But, they can also cause issues as well, especially in plumbing systems. Take the time to properly maintain your pipes by having them cleaned out annually and inspected for leaks to keep the roots where they should be: in the ground instead of in your plumbing.

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