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Toombul Shopping Centre Closes & Site Future Unknown


Mirvac has announced its plans via its social media account to cease trading at Toombul Shopping Centre after considering the financial impact of the extensive flood damage earlier this year.

The extent of damage shortly after the floods

Toombul Shopping Centre located in Brisbane’s northside was completely flooded during the rain fall in February 2022. Mirvac announced that the entire centre was fenced off on 11 March and closed for up to 8 months while the damage was assessed for structural and electrical issues in the shopping centre. The centre was partially open to store owners to grab personal items and clean up the mess.

Amid growing speculation about the shopping centre’s future during the lengthy delay, Mirvac made the decision on 18 May 2022 to email the remaining existing tenants to terminate their leases (effective immediately).

The extent of damage shortly after the floods

A spoke person for Mirvac via its Toombul Shopping Centre Facebook page broke the news to its loyal customers and the decision has taken the community that frequent the shopping centre by surprise, causing a stir of ideas and theories about the future of the site.

“we provided an update to our valued retailers and team members. Following careful consideration of a number of factors including the extent of damage, the risk of future flooding, and the importance of certainty for our partners, we have made the difficult decision not to reinstate the centre to how it was prior to the flooding damage”.
“We are now assessing the future of the site recognising the importance of continued provision of retail services for this local community”.
“No decision has been made on the future plan for the site, and at this time we do not have a timeline to resolve this, however, we will keep our partners and community informed”.
“While we appreciate this has been a very challenging time, this decision has not been taken lightly and has been made in the immediate and long-term best interests of our community and retail partners”.
“This event has been a challenging situation and we want to thank our community for your ongoing support and partnership over recent events and throughout the years”.

Toombul Shopping Centre covers 10ha site with 44,000sqm of gross floor area and Vicinity Centres sold the centre to Mirvac for $228.1 million in 2016. Mirvac immediately set to work improving the centre’s community image and providing the Upstairs dining precinct, internal improvements and changes to the retailers in the centre.

When purchased, Mirvac announced that the following improvements will be occurring at the Shopping Centre. The improvements are proposed to change the current perception, increase trade and capitalise on the Shopping Centre strategic location.

– 200 new Car Parking Spaces (former David Jones Top Floor)
– New Travellator to new car parking spaces
– Restructured Ramps to Kmart and Rooftop Car parks

Changes to Major Retail Stores
– David Jones Closure
– Target Opened
– Aldi Store Opened
– Small Bunnings Store Opened
– Aldi Store Expansion

Short Term improvements
– Improve car park convenience
– New E-charge station for electric vehicles
– Enhance the retail offer
– Better align the centre with changing trade area demographic.

Medium to long term improvements
– New entertainment
– Dining precinct
– Integrated retail development capability

Updated Social Presence
– Rebrand in Style, Colours and Logo
– Facebook Account with daily posts

Concept Idea
A blog article dated 2017, by Leonard Design Architects has surfaced in May 2022 and circulated amongst social media pages driving speculation about the vision for the site based on the shopping centre’s existence. The master plan development application was never lodged and there is no approval for the drawings over the site by Brisbane City Council.

The architects outline on the blog that the design for Mirvac was for the “transformational masterplan and new dining destination” including an additional 170,000sqm of gross floor area to the site in the form of new commercial space and residential development. The completion date was undecided and never lodged.

“The masterplan for Toombul aims to transform the existing suburban shopping centre into a new urban neighbourhood incorporating residential, office, hotels, retail, dining terrace and a transport interchange connecting the existing rail station to a redeveloped bus terminal and the Airport. The buildings, orientated in response to the climate, are set within a permeable public realm designed to connect the site with its surroundings”.

“The new dining terrace provides 11 new restaurants and a leisure destination including a mix of new local businesses and more established food offers. Arranged around an informal, flexible public space incorporating performances, play and pop up events, each restaurant has its own distinctive architectural presence to create a rich, vibrant streetscape”.

Concept Idea – Plans never lodged or approved by BCC

With the Toombul Shopping Centre (as known today) now not being reinstated, the future direction of the site is now to be considered by Mirvac. The best options for the site will take time to consider and a masterplan based on the current situation will require a team of experts to make the best use of the site.

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from referenced locations.
– Media Release: 2017 Blog Article by Leonard Design Architects
– Flood Images: Mirvac inside tour
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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