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Entertainment Space – Tivoli Theatre, Fortitude Valley


The Tivoli Theatre has announced the launch date of its new intimate Entertainment Space ‘What’s Golden’ , which will open to the public in late August 2019, with a diverse selection of live music and performances from across the globe.

The new ‘What’s Golden’ performance space is located within The Tivoli’s central foyer and seeks to complement the main auditorium of the iconic Fortitude Valley venue. The performance space supports the standing capacity of up to 250 people and provides for the growing need for boutique and intimate venues.

New Features of the Venue
– State-of-the-art stage
– New audio and lighting set-up
– Renovated box office
– New cocktail menu and craft beer bar
– Daytime nook for coffees and cocktails.

Dave Sleswick, Co-Owner and Creative Director of the The Tivoli state that What’s Golden performance space will be the city’s new home for exciting, emerging and risk-taking musicians, performers and entertainers. The Tivoli will serve as a drawcard for the highest-quality local, national and international artists and acts.

“What’s Golden is designed to be more than just another gig venue. It will welcome a varied and eclectic line-up of genre-pushing artists and acts spanning live music, cabaret, stand-up comedy, contemporary performance and curated parties and club night,”

“The Tivoli has etched its way into the DNA of Brisbane for over 30 years. What’s Golden not only builds upon this incredible legacy, but also delivers a much-needed, niche venue for up-and-coming and underground talent.”

“Brisbane audiences are getting extremely adventurous and experience-orientated; constantly looking for ways to keep pushing life’s boundaries. We want to provide a space for that to happen through the arts and through programming f#%king incredible musicians,” Mr Sleswick said.

Aaron Barton, Designer was tasked with reimagining the main foyer to accommodate the second stage and Sarah Winter, Set Designer also stamping What’s Golden with its own identity while complementing the art deco features and old-world charm of the 102-year-old building.

“What’s Golden not only stays true to the history and aesthetic of the building but also uses the Tivoli’s long-standing reputation
to keep propelling the venue into the future in new and fun ways.”

The Tivoli has added a unique intimate performance space for old-school music, contemporary and cutting-edge performing arts, that will celebrate Brisbane’s passion for live entertainment.

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