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Tips For Modernising a Bathroom


We all need a place to call home. It is a space to rest, rejuvenate and restore our energy for each new day. There’s nothing quite like relaxing at home after a long day of whatever it is that keeps you busy.

And your bathroom is an important room. It’s a space to get ready for what the day or night brings – whether that’s work or play. But what if you live in an older house with an outdated bathroom? It’s time you modernised it and brought it up to scratch with the twenty-first century. Let’s check out six useful tips for giving your bathroom a modern makeover.

1. Update Your Fittings and Fixtures
It’s time to shop for bathroom supplies in Melbourne. If your sink mixer tap, shower head and bath taps are looking dated then a quick way to spruce up the room is by updating to some modern fittings and fixtures.

2. Get New Window Dressings
If your bathroom curtains, drapes or blinds are looking old and dated then a quick way to breathe some fresh air into the room is by updating them. Plantation shutters provide a groovy, modern look, as would a pair of white Venetian blinds. Try to stick to white or cream colours for your window dressings, although soft blues or greens would also suit.

3. How’s the Lighting?
Some older bathrooms are quite poorly lit, making it a struggle to see to shave, bathe and otherwise look after your hygiene. You could invest in some LED downlights, which will serve two purposes. First, they will brightly illuminate your bathroom, allowing you to see clearly while you preen. Secondly, they will shave some costs of your power bill. This is because they use less energy than older, filament globes. Plus – you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by using less energy.

Another lighting tip is to either have dimmable downlights or have a small lamp in the bathroom. This is for when you want to have a relaxing bath or wind down for the night with a hot shower in low light.

4. Replace Those Tired Old Tiles
Many older bathrooms suffer from worn-out tiles with dilapidated grout and chips and cracks. Part of a bathroom makeover might be either a tile refinishing job or a complete replacement.

Refinishing is when your tiles get re-coated and the grout gets replaced, leaving them looking brand new. Replacement means ripping out the old tiles and putting brand new ones in. What you do will depend on the state of your existing tiles, but it’s worth reaching out to a professional tiler to help you assess the state of them.

5. Get Greener With The Scenery
Having houseplants in your bathroom provides multiple benefits. If you opt for interesting looking plants, you give your bathroom a new, fresh and modern feeling. But plants also have proven positive impacts on your wellbeing, as well as cleaning the air for you.

6. Upgrade Your Vanity
Is your vanity also looking a bit tired and worn out? One way to bring your bathroom up to date is by updating your vanity and mirror. There are plenty of ultra-modern options on the market, so pick something sleek and streamlined that will fit with your aesthetic.

In Conclusion
There are a few things you can do to modernise your bathroom. First, update your fittings and fixtures. Then consider your window dressings and lighting and invest in more modern options for both. Refinish or replace your worn out tiling, and get some lovely house plants. Finally, upgrade your tired old vanity to a sleek, modern model.

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