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Tidal & Marine Plant Works Centenary Bridge Upgrade – Jindalee


A development application has been lodged on behalf of the Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland State Government) for the works in the tidal area and the removal, destruction or damage of a marine plants assocated with the Centenary Bridge Upgrade at Jindalee.

The plans lodged by AECOM seeks a master-planned solution for the tidal works assocated with the construction of a new bridge structure over the Brisbane River, the upgrade of an existing bridge structure, and ancillary activities.

Centenary Bridge Upgrade 
– new three (3) lane northbound bridge
– structural changes for southbound three (3) lane carriageway
– active transport improvements (pedestrians and cyclists).
– improved safety to reduce the frequency and severity of crashes
– increased capacity to improve travel-time
– cater for current and future traffic needs
– longer and safer merge lanes for entry and exit ramps.

Proposed Works
– Preperation of site works located the Brisbane River and Jindalee Creek.
– Clearing, earthworks and removal of marine plants.
– Construction of a new three (3) lane northbound bridge.
– Reconfigure the existing bridge to a three (3) lane carriageway.
– Piles, maritime navigation light, bridge barriers, signage and lighting.
– Demolition and reconstruction of existing bridge.
– Replacement of existing bridge deck with new steel deck.
– Removal of existing abutment, new span at southern end, bridge barriers.
– New pavement surface and line marking, removal of old conduits.
– New utilities conduits and intelligent transport system.
– New pile scour protection matching existing bed levels of both bridges.
– Reconstruct  stormwater outlet and associated scour protection.
– New landscaping along the eastern bank of Jindalee Creek.
– Construct up to 3 temporary construction jetties for works.

The planners at AECOM state, “the intent of this assessment approach is to demonstrate compliance of the Project with the relevant assessment benchmarks based on the greatest foreseeable extent of impact. In the instance that the finalised construction methodology differs from what is assessed in this report, TMR will consult with the assessment manager and referral agency to determine and agree the appropriate approach for
modification (i.e. generally in accordance or a change application)”.

“It is the role of the assessment manager to ensure development applications for prescribed tidal work are sound, in accordance with the design, construction and safety provisions outlined in the Schedule
3, Part 3 of the Coastal Regulation. This development application is being lodged with concept design drawings for the temporary components. This is necessary to enable the compressed delivery timeframes for this upgrade of critical transport infrastructure to be achieved (construction to be ready
to commence in early 2022)”.

Government Funding
– $112 million from the State Government
– $112 million from the Federal Government
– $20 million for planning and design already provided by the State Government.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 15 November 2021
– Council Reference: A005881236
– Address: 35A Sprinkbrae Street, Fig Tree Pocket, 27 Vidgen Lane, Kenmore, 44 Amazons Place, 303 Centenary Highway and 213 Sinnamon Road, Jindalee.
– Zone: Brisbane River abuts the Open space zone
– Application Report: AECOM
– Design Drawings: DTMR (c/- AECOM)
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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