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Terrace Lots & Major Intersection Works – Carseldine Urban Village


The State Government have announced that the construction of Carseldine Village will be fast-tracked, with civil contracting company Shadforth to complete $8.9 million civil and electrical works.

Cameron Dick, Minister for State Development outlined that the jobs will help to support Queensland families during an incredibly challenging time for the industry and the nation at large.

“Sixty local construction jobs will be supported by this initial work, with another 50 jobs to be created once construction of the new terrace homes in the village begins”.

“With everything that’s happening across our country and the world right now, it’s crucial we keep industries that can employ moving forward”.

“Shadforth will start working on the village’s 53 terrace lots next month, with the civil and electrical components to be completed later this year”.

“My department’s Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) team is continuing to look for more projects like this that we can fast-track to boost employment.” Mr Dick said.

The initial phase of the village will be terrace style lots as well as road works to upgrade three (3) intersection in proximity to the site, to facilitate safer access to the village and improve local traffic movements.

Ray Shadforth, Managing Director Shadforth outlined that the project will support jobs during these unprecedented times.

“Shadforth will start working on the village’s 53 terrace lots, with the civil and electrical components to be completed later this year. They will upgrade three nearby intersections to improve local traffic flow and access to the village”,  Mr Shadforth said.

Bart Mellish, Member for Aspley outlined that now more than ever we need jobs, “This project is providing jobs for locals and delivering a great place to live for locals”.

Cameron Dick also announced that the builder chosen to deliver the village project are Vantage Homes QLD and Thompson Sustainable Homes.

“Both these builders have extensive expertise delivering well designed, sustainable and affordable terrace homes,” 

“We’re pleased that jobs are being created, that the industry is continuing to push ahead. This project and others like it will really support our economy right now.” Mr Dick said.

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The Application Information and References
– Address: 532 Beams Road, Carseldine
– Priority Development Area: Fitzgibbon
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview
– Media Statement: Carseldine Village delivers new jobs for Queensland
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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
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