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Supermarket & Retail – Youngs Crossing Road, Joyner


A development application has been lodged for a Local Shopping Centre, located 29 and 31 Youngs Crossing Road, Joyner, Morton bay.

Designed by CCN Architects the proposal is for a full line supermarket and two retail buildings that will provide for an assortment of retail, food, beverage and community services tenancies. The proposal  is predominately single storey, with two (2) storeys (maximum building height 9.5m and) along the northern boundary.

Site Plan Layout

Site Plan Layout – Part 1
Site Plan Layout – Part 2

Local Centre
– Fill Line Supermarket (3,862sqm)
– Large Northern Tenancy (512sqm)
– Large Northern second storey Tenancy (581sqm)
– Supermarket Tenancy (44sqm)
– Supermarket Tenancy (150sqm)
– Supermarket Tenancy (119sqm)
– Supermarket kiosk (25sqm)
– Corner Tenancy (434sqm)
– Foyer airlock
– Pedestrian plaza and outside dining
– Pedestrians crossings and access

– Landscaped rear boundaries
– Existing street tree frontage

– Acoustic screen treatment to rear
– Pylon and Advertising signs
– Amenities.

Plaza Spaxe

The proposal provides 275 car park spaces (6 PWD, 6 prams, 2 taxi, 2 electric, 6 click n collect bays) within the six (6) motorcycle parking. An open ground floor car parking is provided with access to Gordons Crossing Road and Youngs Crossing Road, with service delivery to the rear of the supermarket. The proposed development will demolish of three existing mixed use commercial and retail buildings on the site to facilitate the redevelopment.

The planners at Wolter Consulting Group state, “proposal accommodates an existing unmet demand for a local centre to service the established and growing community at Joyner as well as localizing employment opportunities close to homes and for small businesses to set up, such as coffee shops or personal service providers. The proposed new centre will provide high quality space for people to meet and socialise and to support a sense of local community”.

“The proposed Joyner local centre responds to the needs of an existing community outside a walkable distance to Warner Marketplace and any other Local Centre. It will also respond to assist in the growing development of higher density residential uses in the proposed Joyner next generation neighbourhood”.

“Based on a preliminary constraints and yield analysis, significant urban development in the order of 1,800 new dwellings is anticipated within the Joyner Growth area, much being well outside a walkable distance to Warner which further supports the establishment of the proposed local centre”.

The district centre is for 6,083sqm of gross floor area (GFA), with 7,610sqm (37.2%) over the 20,472qm site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 4 June 2021
– Council Reference: DA/2021/2207
– Address: 29 and 31 Youngs Crossing Road, Joyner
– Zone: Emerging Community
– Neighbourhood Plan: N/A
– Application Report: Wolter Consulting Group
– Design Drawings: CCN Architects
– Landscape Drawings: ARCADIA
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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