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Supermarket, Office, Retail & Dining Precinct -Yeerongpilly Green


A development application has been lodged for a ‘Village Centre’ Shopping Centre, located 25 Fig Tree Street, Yeerongpilly Green.

Designed by BVN Architecture the proposal is for a Supermarket, offices and a mix of retail tenancies within a new two storey Shopping Centre built to the site boundaries and Village Heart Plaza to the rear of the site.

The vacant site is within the Emerging Community zone and the Yeerongpilly Transit Oriented Development, with street frontage to Queens Way, King Arthur Terrace and Fig Tree Street. 

Supermarket and Retail Tenancies

Retail Tenancies and Pedestrian Plaza
Retail Tenancies and Pedestrian Plaza

The proposal outlines that the supermarket tenancy will be sleeved by small-scale active retail tenancies on the ground level to provide a mix of restaurants, shops, bars, food and drink outlies. Level 1 will provide office spaces and a mezzanine storage space for the supermarket.

First Floor Office Tenancies

Shopping Centre
– Local Supermarket (4,243sqm)
– Foyer airlock
– Travelators
– x3 Kiosks (125sqm)
– x3 Dining Tenancies 1 (1,656sqm)
– x5 Retail Tenancies (1,295sqm)
– x4 Office Tenancies (2,200sqm)
– Pedestrian access and crossings
– Landscaped boundaries
– Pylon and Advertising signs
– Amenities
– Large basement car park.

BVN Architecture design statement outlines “the proposed design for Yeerongpilly Green Village Centre has been refined over a period of 3 years, in response to Yeerongpilly Project Pty Ltd’s ambition to provide a mixed-use heart as part of a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood”.

“From inception, the brief has been to design a contemporary mixed-use development that responds to commercial development requirements while contributing to Brisbane’s architectural and public realm design. This is consistent with the outcomes sought by the Yeerongpilly Green Transit Oriented Neighbourhood Plan”.

“The project’s retail design philosophy is to make places with identity and atmosphere, supported by landscape, overhead daylighting and variable occupation that contribute to the extended network of indoor and outdoor public spaces. More than just a destination, the precinct offers alternative experiences that contribute to a broader city making effort”.

The proposal provides 292 car park spaces (6 PWD and 4 click n collect bays) within the basement car parking area. Vehicle access is provided to Queens Way, with pedestrian access points provided to either Queens Way, Fig Tree Street or the Village Heart Plaza.

The planners at Urbis state, “As the King Arthur Terrace frontage is a nominated as a secondary frontage, it is appropriate that this frontage have a lesser level of activation and pedestrian activity compared with the frontage to Queens Way and the Ashley Cooper River Walk. This is reflected in the proposed design. However, the proposed development will still provide for active, safe and a visually engaging streetscape”.

“The proposed development involves a mix of uses that will operate at different times of the day and night. Small-scale active tenancies are proposed on the primary frontages of the development and adjacent to pedestrian spaces within the development. This will facilitate the creation of a highly activated and vibrant centre”.

The district centre is for 9,339sqm of gross floor area (GFA), with 7,923.3sqm (77%) over the 10,290sqm site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 12 January 2021
– Council Reference: A005635771
– Address: 25 Fig Tree Street, Yeerongpilly
– Zone: Emerging Community
– Neighbourhood Plan: Yeerongpilly Transit Oriented Development Neighbourhood Plan
– Application Report: Urbis
– Design Drawings: BVN Architecture
– Landscape Drawings: Urbis
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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