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Super Kiosk RVM – Orion Shopping Centre in Springfield, Ipswich


Envirobank has installed a brand new Super Kiosk RVM (Reverse Vending Machine) at the Springfield Orion Shopping Centre to provide customers with a high tech recycling service in Springfield, Ipswich.

You can find the new state of the art machine in the Springfield Orion Shopping Centre car park. The new machine will make it easier to recycle eligible containers in a contactless manner using your Containers for Change Scheme ID or through Envirobank’s Crunch app.

The Envirobank Kiosk is a high-tech state of the art RVM (Reverse Vending Machine) pushing the boundaries on recycling innovation. It delivers large-scale recycling capabilities that can meet the demand for higher-volume container collection. The Envirobank Kiosk can process 100 containers per minute and can recycle up to 3,000 PET, up to 8,000 aluminium and 1,120 glass bottles per unit.

Reverse vending machines, or RVM’s, make recycling convenient, efficient and fun. The ultimate in recycling technology. The RVM’s work the opposite way to a traditional vending machine. With an RVM, rather than depositing money and retrieving some kind of sugary treat, you deposit your eligible container and bank the refund.

Our reverse vending machines are pretty picky things. They happily accept eligible bottles, cans and containers but will reject any item not covered by the container deposit scheme. That means we can cut out contamination and achieve 100% resource recovery rates.

Accepted Material

As for using an RVM, it’s really easy. When a user deposits a bottle or can, the RVM will scan the barcode on the container, determine its eligibility under the CDS, crush and sort the container. Customers can use their Containers for Change Scheme ID or Crunch account and you are instantly credited the refund amount.

Through Crunch you are also given the option to cash out with a retail voucher reward with Coles or other participating retailers. You can also choose to donate your container refunds to any of the Envirobank participating charities or, redeem your Crunch credits for some Velocity frequent flyer points for your next getaway.

A hot tip for using an RVM.
Remove the lids before you pop your containers in the RVM. Lids
are made of a different type of plastic to the bottles, and removing
them helps things go smoothly during the recycling process.

Accepted Material
– Plastic bottles (water, soft drinks and some juices)
– Aluminium cans (soft drinks, beer, energy drinks)
– Glass bottles (no wine or spirit bottles)
– Liquid paper board cartons (flavoured milk, coconut water)
Acceptable Containers List Here

About Envirobank
Envirobank is an Indigenous-owned company that was founded in 2008 and is committed to achieving positive environmental and social impact through recycling.

Envirobank is Australia’s most innovative recycling company, winning the Containers for Change Innovation Award in 2019 for their advanced portable pod system that can be conveniently positioned. They also won the Containers for Change Community Engagement, Sustainability, and Innovation awards for large business in 2020.

Envirobank is proud to educate the public about caring for the environment and provide the caring for country incentive.

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– Images: Supplied by Envirobank
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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