$334 Million Airport Runway Opens – Sunshine Coast


The Sunshine Coast Airport has received its first month of flights since opening its brand new runway in June 2020.

The Queensland State Government announced in June that the Sunshine Coast Airport’s new runway has been officially handed over to airport operators.

Ross Ullman (Project Director) Mark Jamieson (Mayor) Kate Jones (Minister) Andrew Brodie, (Sunshine Coast Airport CEO)

Kate Jones, Minister for State Development and council officials have inspected the new longer runway before the first arrived, which allows new direct flights and larger passenger jets to land and enable more tourists into the region.

“The Sunshine Coast is a tourism icon but it’s also vital trade hub for hundreds of primary producers in southeast Queensland”.

“This runway will be crucial to the economic recovery of the region. It will generate millions of dollars for local businesses through the tourism industry.

“With a longer runway that’s able to accept bigger planes, we’ll be able to negotiate with airlines to secure direct fights from other destinations – not just Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Auckland,” 

“In the long-term, we want to bring more tourists to the Sunshine Coast to create more jobs for locals in this sector. New flights are crucial to achieving that.” Ms Jones said.

First Flight Lands

Mark Jamieson, Mayor of Sunshine Coast Council outlined that new runway was the biggest piece of infrastructure Council had delivered and it would have resounding benefits for the region for decades to come.

“A hallmark of successful cities, communities and regions is connectivity and the Sunshine Coast Airport can now accommodate flights to all ports in Australia as well as Asia and the Western Pacific”. 

“Importantly, the new international-standard runway will provide the Sunshine Coast and surrounding regions with its own direct travel and export gateway to the world,” Mr Jamieson said.

The airport expansion project was a partnership between Sunshine Coast Council and Palisade Investment Partners, which owns the Sunshine Coast Airport. The 2450 metres long runway (Runway 13/31) is over half a kilometre longer than the one it replaces.

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