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Multiple Dwellings & Retail – Stratton Terrace, Manly


A development application has been lodged for mixed residential and retail development, located at 195-201 Stratton Terrace and 34-36 Cardigan Parade, Manly.

Designed by Ellivo, the proposal seeks forty three (43) multiple dwellings and retail co-located within 2 residential buildings to the north and south of site, with a maximum height of 4 storeys (16.4m high). The informal car park and vacant lot will be removed to facilitate the proposed development.

Development Details
– Two (2) x1 bedroom unit
– Twenty Two (22) x2 bedroom units
– Nineteen (19) x3 bedroom units
– Two (2) Retail tenancies (153.7sqm)

The proposal includes 2 retail spaces on the ground floor and will front Stratton Terrace. The proposal seeks to provide a pedestrian access spine running the through the middle of the site, to encourage pedestrian access and building separation on-site.

The proposal provides private open space in the form of terrace courtyards and balconies areas, with 778sqm of communal open space provided on both the ground floor and rooftop (building 2). The communal space includes external recreational areas that includes a pool, sun deck, landscaped gardens, barbeque and seating space.

The proposal provides 95 car parking spaces (including 67 resident spaces, 8 retail spaces, 13 adjacent retail spaces and 7 visitor spaces) within 1 basement level. Vehicle access is proposed via a shared driveway to Stratton Terrace. Pedestrian access is available from Stratton Terrace and Cardigan Parade.

The planners at Mewing Planning Consultants state the proposal, “The proposed built form is responsive to the site context and seeks to deliver a superior outcome to the current development approval over the site. The built form has been separated into two building forms – with each form perpendicular to Stratton Terrace. The form and orentiation of the development has been proposed to extend the contextual green spine into and through the development, maximise north and north-east orientation, enable views to Moreton Bay and the foreshore, maximise the amenity of the residential units, and respond to Brisbane’s subtropical climate”.

The proposal includes 5,300sqm of gross floor area (GFA), with 2,237.86sqm (59.9%) of site cover across the 3,736sqm site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 1 July 2019
– Council Reference: A005230107
– Address: 195-201 Stratton Terrace and 34-36 Cardigan Parade, Manly
– Zone: Low-medium Density Residential and District Centre
– Neighbourhood Plan: Wynnum-Manly
– Application Report: Mewing Planning Consultants
– Design Drawings: Ellivo
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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