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Sporting Facilities Upgrade for All Stars Baseball Club – 116 Gerler Road and McIntyre Street, Hendra.


The development application has been recently lodged for Outdoor Sport and Recreation for further extensions to the All Stars Baseball Club, located at 116 Gerler Road and McIntyre Street, Hendra.
Designed by Fulton Trotter, the proposal by Baseball Queensland is to upgrade the existing facilities at the sports field with the following:
– LIGHT POLES – New light poles do not form part of this application, though are to be located fully within the District Zone. Lighting associated with the proposal is designed solely to facilitate baseball matches at night
– AMENITIES – Amenities block consisting of two universal access toilets and covered access. Anticipated building approx. 4.8m x 2.4m with overhangs and front veranda.
– STORAGE SHED – 6.05m x 6.05m x 2.4m colorbond steel storage shed with 2.1m x 2.7m single roller door and single side door.
– FENCING EXTENSIONS – Steel post and chain wire fence extensions to match existing fences.
– DUGOUT GATES & FENCING – Minor alterations to existing fences to enclose existing dugouts and provide access gates in existing fences
– BATTING TUNNEL – Steel post and chain wire enclosure (including roof). Access gates as required and internal nets to divide into two batting tunnels. Approx. 22m x 10m x 4.2m. Floor consists of compacted gravel and artificial grass covering
– BULLPENS – Generally zones of dirt similar to bases with mounding to replicate the pitching mound used for practice.
– GRANDSTANDS – Prefabricated 36 seat grandstands consisting of 3 rows of tiered seating, 6m x 1.5m.
– SCORERS SHELTER – Generally a skillion roof to provide shade for scorers. approx. 5m x 2.5m roof area with steel posts to support roof.
– EXISTING CLUBHOUSE – Minor internal refurbishment.
– TEMPORARY CARPARK – Zone allocated on site to provide 30 temporary car parking for staff and volunteers during events.

An existing car park with access taken via Gerler Road accommodates 52 car parking spaces and a temporary car park with an additional 30 car parking spaces have been proposed that gains access via McIntyre Street. The temporary car park will be used by staff and volunteers during events, totalling 82 car parks for the Club.

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According to the JFP Urban Consultants, “Bannister Park has been utilised by Baseball Queensland for outdoor sport and recreation for an extensive period. The overall intent of the proposed development is to upgrade existing baseball facilities at Bannister Park to improve the experience for both players and spectators”.

Click the link, to find out more about the All Stars Baseball Club at Hendra

The  application was lodged 11 October 2016 @ All Stars Baseball Club, 116 Gerler Road and McIntyre Street, Hendra. Source: Report prepared by JFP Urban Consultants, Drawings prepared by Fulton Trotter. All information is available for review from BCC pdonline, see council reference: A004495489 for more information.

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