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$300 Thousand Solar Upgrade – Gascoyne Junction Tourist Park, Western Australia


The Western Australian State Government has announced a solar investment opportunity for Upper Gascoyne.

The Gascoyne Junction Tourist Park will be substantially upgraded since its construction in 2014 , as the community has been unable to meet the ongoing costs of operating the facility.

The park will operate a 50kW AC (PV) capacity solar energy system, with 240 solar panels and will partly offset the daytime power usage.

It is estimated the park will achieve a minimum 50 per cent supply from solar energy of total energy needs, significantly reducing the cost of providing power to the buildings and improve the ongoing financial sustainability of the tourist precinct

Government Funding
– $150,000 from the Shire of Upper Gascoyne
– $152,500 State Government of WA

Alannah MacTiernan, Regional Development Minister outlined that the project would provide support for the longevity of the park.

“Our Government is stepping in to assist this project in becoming financially sustainable for the long-term, after it became clear the original Royalties for Regions-funded project imposed a cost burden that the local Shire could not sustain.

“This small community has endured difficult years, seeing drought then three floods, then collapse of tourist trade due to COVID-19”.

“Significantly reduced operating energy costs will work to improve the ongoing financial sustainability of the Gascoyne Junction Tourist Park and create a strong platform for local economic recovery”.

“This low cost and reliable renewable energy solution will foster economic activity through local job opportunities.”, said the Minister.

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– Media Release: Solar investment for Upper Gascoyne
– Images: Gascoyne Junction Tourist Park
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview and Aerial

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