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Smart Home Renovations Can Boost Your House Value


What’s the first thing you see when you walk into your home? Is it beautiful and liveable, or is it underwhelming? Home renovations are the perfect way to transform a house that has seen better days. The question is, which home renovations are the smartest to go for?

Renovations are things you do to your home to suit your changing needs and wants. This means they don’t have to be extreme and can even be little changes such as replacing old switch plates with new ones, hanging pictures in different places, repainting, installing new flooring or new cabinets, the list goes on and on.

But when most people think about home renovations, they’re thinking of more impressive projects, such as adding an addition to their house or putting in hardwood floors. These kinds of projects can indeed transform your house from blah to fabulous and really add value if you live in an area where real estate is in high demand.

The problem is, these big projects can get very expensive. One of the pitfalls to consider as you’re looking at custom home builders for renovation to add value and appeal to your home is that you don’t want to overdo it and end up spending more than the house is worth.

A good rule of thumb when considering money-making renovations or additions to your home is whether that project would pay for itself within a couple of years. If not, maybe you should rethink the project.

Here are renovation ideas that could be smart investments and turn your house into a home.

1. Dormer windows
If you’re building a new addition to your house or adding onto an existing structure, one of the best features you can add is dormer windows. These are great because they open up rooms and make them feel much larger than they are by giving a sense of ceiling height. Dormers are also great for increasing light in a dark room. If done correctly, dormer windows can make a huge difference in your home’s appearance and overall appeal.

Beyond that, dormer windows can add value to your home if you live in an area where land is at a premium.

2. Porches and decks
If you’re looking for other great features to make your house look larger, building a deck or porch has the potential to do just that.

You may remember when Obama put in those new outdoor steps, it’s a surprising way to open up space on your property without taking much room inside. Whether is it a porch or deck, either of these additions can help create a nice, relaxing outdoor living space.

3. Harbour front homes with docks
If you have a waterfront property, adding a dock can be an excellent home renovation. This applies especially true if you live near a body of water with a high real estate value.

A properly engineered and built dock with some nice planks and posts can really make your house stand out to potential buyers. If you’re building it yourself, try to build it so that you could eventually sell it as additional property once your house is sold. The more waterfront property you have, the higher your profit margin per square foot will be.

4. Picture windows (increase natural light)
Picture windows are great additions to any room in your home. They’re a classic feature that adds tons of natural light while opening up any space and making it feel larger than life!

One trick to maximize light and space is to remove as much wall between the window and the ceiling as possible. Another good idea is to add skylights, which can really increase natural light in your home.

5. Shower/bathroom layouts
Some bathrooms are awkward spaces that just don’t function correctly for homeowners. You may only be able to fit one person at a time in front of the sink, or you might need two sinks.

Whatever your bathroom issue is, invest some money into creating a layout that works better for you. If you’re adding to your house to accommodate additional bathrooms, investing in high end amenities can really add value, such as a luxury tub, towel racks or a shower will be an excellent selling point when it comes time to sell your home.

6. Trim work finishes
To elevate your existing rooms, simply finish your them with some new trim work! There are so many affordable DIY options out there for trim and other wood details that you won’t believe how much money they can save you in the long run (not to mention how great they look!). Add crown moulding to make ceilings look higher while enhancing any room’s overall appeal—if someone is really looking at your house for sale, they’ll definitely appreciate the extra effort you put into decorating.

7. Where are all the edges?
A lot of people get discouraged when they think about purchasing an older home because they’re worried about having to pay thousands of dollars cutting off old fixtures or adding onto rooms to accommodate modern conveniences. One thing you can easily do yourself is add new baseboards, door casings and other decorative trim pieces. The best part? You’ll make any room look brand new instantly and you might even be able to sell your house faster with the help of these simple updates!

8. An awkward hallway? No problem!
If you’ve got a long hallway that lacks any sort of light fixture or outlet, simply add an extension for wiring and tuck new lights into the ceiling at both ends. This will brighten up the hallway and make it safer as it is more illuminated!

You can also add nice-looking moulding around all of the door frames in a hallway to give it some added character. This is especially popular in bedrooms nowadays, but I find that sitting rooms are still lacking a bit of trim options. You can easily add moulding around the door frames in your living room to finish off that space and give a uniform look.

9. At last, fireplace!
You might not be able to afford a completely new heating system for your home…but you can still have a nice-looking fire! Many people think that fireplaces need wood but there are now many gas options available now.

You will probably find faux fireplaces are common nowadays; they’re generally pretty affordable and easy to install. All you’ll need to do after setting up everything else is adjust the flame.

That wraps up nine home renovations that you can do to elevate your home. From crown molding to fireplaces, there are many affordable ways for homeowners to update their homes without breaking the bank. Which one of these transformations did you decide to go ahead with?

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