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Shopping Precinct – Wecker Road, Mansfield


A development application has been lodged for ‘Wecker Road Markets’ which includes the redevelopment of the Mansfield Tavern and Bottle Store, located at 181 Wecker Road, Mansfield.

Designed by Cottee Parker, the proposal seeks a Shopping Precinct that contains a supermarket and mix of health care services, education establishments gym, food and drink outlets, specialty stores and shops. Three(3) buildings are proposed with a maximum building height of 2 storeys (12.5m high) over stages 2 and 3.

The project is sought to provide a unique and contemporary development that provides public outdoor spaces supporting commercial and retail tenancies. The existing tavern, liquor store and associated hardstand car park will be removed to facilitate the proposed development.

Development Details
– Supermarket (3,632sqm of GFA)
– Eight (8) individual, two-level tenancies (1,900sqm)
– Three (3) individual two-level tenancies (1,913sqm)
– Building awnings for weather protection
– Internal pedestrian connections
– Landscaping throughout the site

12 Tenancies (Total 7,445sqm)
– Tenancy 6 – 246sqm
– Tenancy 7 – 247sqm
– Tenancy 8 – 242sqm
– Tenancy 9 – 214sqm
– Tenancy 10 – 209sqm
– Tenancy 11 – 257sqm
– Tenancy 12 – 232sqm
– Tenancy 13 – 253sqm
– Tenancy 14 – 3,632sqm
– Tenancy 15 – 645sqm
– Tenancy 16 – 645sqm
– Tenancy 17 – 623sqm

Stage 2 (part of this application)
– Three (3) separate buildings
– Supermarket (1,927sqm)
– Eight (8) tenancies (1,900sqm)
– Partial basement carpark construction

Stage 3 (part of this application)
– One (1) building
– Fresh food and market orientation
– Three (3) tenancies (1,007sqm)

Stage1 (Not part of this development
– New Mansfield Tavern (Hotel) and Bottle shop
– New commercial and retail speciality stores
– Partial basement carpark construction

The proposal provides 319 car park spaces (including 4 disabled car parking spaces) within the ground and single basement. Two (2) vehicle access points are proposed to Luprena Street (Stages 2 and 3) with an additional vehicle access proposed to Luprena Street and Wecker Road in Stage 1. Pedestrian access to the surrounding streets are provided at numerous locations.

The planners at Place Design Group state, Wecker Road Markets supports the intent of the future blueprint, by improving the amenity of local retail offerings and ensuring residents are close to services and facilities they require. The proposed range of uses on site will ensure that residents, businesses and workers are in proximity to lifestyle and leisure options, as well as day to day needs such as supermarkets. The development will rejuvenate the area and incorporates pedestrian pathways, deep planting and landscaped areas and a high-quality built form”.

The proposal includes 7,529sqm of gross floor area, with 4,290.12sqm (34%) site cover of the 12,618sqm development site (Stage 2 and 3), of the 20,830sqm total site area.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 29 October 2018
– Council Reference: A005054823
– Address: 181 Wecker Road, Mansfield
– Zone: Low Density Residential
– Neighbourhood Plan: None
– Application Report:  Place Design Group
– Design Drawings: Cottee Parker
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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