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Shopping Centre Expansion – Fitzgerald Avenue, Springwood

A development application has been lodged for the expansion of the Springwood Mall Shopping Centre, located on 34 Fitzgerald Avenue, Springwood.

Designed by CCN Architects, the proposal seeks the expansion to the front of the Springwood Mall Shopping Centre and internal layout reconfiguration to convert part of existing Target tenancy to commercial and mini major tenancies. As a result of the shopping centre rejuvenation and expansion, additional tenancies, dining precinct and pedestrian connectivity improvements will be provided.

The proposal will be provided over two separate stages. Stage one will deliver the majority of the works and Stage two will deliver the new dining precinct. The new 2 storey buildings will be placed over existing car parking and will require the car park to be rearranged as a result of the building design.

Development Details
– New entry statements
– Reduced Target tenancy internal layout reconfiguration
– Woolworths tenancy expansion and drive through parcel pick-up
– BWS tenancy expansion
– Expansion of the undercroft car park
– New dining precinct
– New first floor level tenancy for commercial
– New kiosk tenancies within the existing centre
– New travelators to undercroft car parking level
– New pedestrian footpaths and zebra crossings
– Pedestrian connectivity within the site, parking and entry points
– New signage throughout centre
– 933 parking spaces on the site.

The planners at Town Planning Alliance state, “The proposal involving an extension to Springwood Mall is in keeping with the outcomes sought for the Centre Core Precinct as it will continue to support and enhance the desired use of the site for principal centre activities, being a shopping centre. The proposal will also add to the existing mix of tenancies within the shopping centre including a new dining precinct and new commercial space“.

The proposal seeks an addition of 400sqm of gross floor area (GFA) on the 55,980sqm subject site.

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
– Date Lodged: 27 August 2020
– Council: Logan City
– Council Reference: MCUC/65/2020
– Address: 34 Fitzgerald Avenue, Springwood
– Zone: Centre
– Local Plan Area: Browns
– Town Planning: Town Planning Alliance
– Architecture Drawings: CCN Architects
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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