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Service Station & Fast Food Restaurants – Wynnum Road, Wynnum West


Two development applications have been lodged for the redesign of an approved Service Station, Food Food Restaurants and Subdivision (1 into 3 lots) over 2 stages, located at 1840 Wynnum Road, Wynnum West.

Designed by Verve Building Design, the proposal seeks three single storey buildings across the site and a new internal driveway through the north-west portion of the site linking the entrance from Wynnum Road to Fleming Road to Kianawah Road. The new internal road will provide access to each new land use.

The existing single dwelling house, sheds will be demolished and pond filled in. The site will be cleared of all structures to facilitate the redevelopment,  however some of the existing trees in the south-west corner of the site will be retained. The site is within the rural residential zone, with road frontage to Wynnum Road, Fleming Road and Kianawah Road

Development Details
– Service Station (200sqm of GFA) – Stage 1
– Fast Food Outlet and Alfresco Dining (245sqm) – Stage 2
– Fast Food Outlet (220sqm) – Stage 2

New Lots
Lot 1 (7,281sqm)
Lot 2 (2,832sqm)
Lot 3 (3,083sqm)

Hours of Operation
24 hours Monday to Sunday

Service Station (Tenancy 1)
– Fuel canopy over 4 fuel dispensers
– Loading Bay
– Service Station/ Shop GFA 200sqm
– New underground fuel storage tanks, with split compartments
– 13 shared car parking spaces provided (1 PWD)
– Single storey building height
– Forecourt Canopy
– Illuminated pylon sign
– Internal vehicle access

Fast Food Restaurant (Tenancy 2)
– 63 shared car parking spaces

– 10 car drive through
– 2 waiting bays
– 205sqm gross floor area
– Alfresco Dining (40sqm)
– Loading/ service bay
– Internal vehicle access

Fast Food Restaurant (Tenancy 3)
– 63 shared car parking spaces

– 11 car drive through
– 2 waiting bays
– 220sqm gross floor area
– Loading/ service bay
– Internal vehicle access

Seventy six (76) shared car parking spaces (three (3) PWD spaces) provided with a separate dedicated air/water point. Access is proposed via new separate entrance and exist locations to Fleming Road and Kianawah Road, with a new egress access from Wynnum Road.

The planners at Saunders Havill Group, state “The proposed built form includes 2 separate low-rise food and drink buildings positioned towards the Wynnum Road Frontage. The style of the buildings is in keeping with modern drive-thru food outlets and of a scale in keeping with the local character of the area which includes the nearby Moreton Town Centre”.

 The two proposals seek combined 625sqm of gross floor area (GFA) will be placed on the 15,330sqm site area.

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The Application Information and References
– Lodged Change: 21 September 2021 (services station)
– Lodged Application: 20 September 2021 (fast food)
– Council Reference: A005838438 and A005839411
– Address: 1840 Wynnum Road, Wynnum West
– Zone: Rural Residential
– Neighbourhood Plan: Hemmant-Lytton
– Application Report: Saunders Havill Group
– Landscape Drawings: Saunders Havill Group
– Design Drawings: Verve Building Design
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview and Aerial

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