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Senior Precinct – Somerville House, South Brisbane


A development application has been lodged for the upgrade and extension of an existing education establishment ‘Somerville House’, located at 253 Vulture Street, South Brisbane.

Development site near heritage location

Demolition Plan

Designed by BSPN Architecture, the proposal seeks to remove the existing senior’s buildings over the western portion of the site and replace with a new Senior Precinct building in accordance with the master plan. The new precinct will provide for the ongoing operational needs of the school (staff and students) by providing contemporary state-of-the-art teaching spaces.

Section Plan
Concept Plan

The building will be designed to reflect the existing school buildings, existing footprint and remain within a central part of the campus. Abutting Block A, the building will extend down towards the existing sports oval and be approximtly five (5) to eight (8) storeys in height to address the campus topography.

The heritage building area has been set back providing building separation between the new building and Cumbooqueba.

Development Details
– Blocks B, C and D Demolition
– All demolition works outside of the State-heritage area
– Level 2: equipment, utilities, refuse, storage, amenitues
– Levels 3 and 4: art studios with link to design technology classroom
– Level 5: communal rooftop area, canteen and amenities
– Level 6: drama studio, staff rooms and two (2) GLAs
– Level 7: communal room and four (4) GLAs
– Level 8: flexible GFA / meeting room and breakdown and four (4) GLAs

Timing of Works
– Operational school notwithstanding the extension building works.
– Construction and demolition during the September school holidays 2022
– Demolition of B and C block prefered to commence early in the process.

The planners at Gaskell Planning Consultants state, “The proposed development provides an outcome consistent with the intent of the Development Scheme, in that the educational purpose is an identified use ‘considered appropriate for the Queensland Children’s Hospital State Development Area’”.

“Further, the proposed development provides a built form consistent with existing school buildings, and is situated within a central part of the subject land, adjoining the railway corridor. Land parcels on the western side of the railway corridor are part of the Somerville House campus. The proposed development is therefore in a location that is a logical and planned location for the extension of the school”.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 23 November 2021
– Council Reference: A005887964
– Address: 253 Vulture Street, South Brisbane
– Zone: Community facilities
– Neighbourhood Plan: Dutton Park – Fairfield
– Application Report: Gaskell Planning Consultants
– Design Drawings: BSPN Architecture
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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