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Satellite Hospital – Rowe Street, Caboolture


The State Government has announced that a key site has been located for a new health hub north of Brisbane, located at Rowe Street, Caboolture.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Premier outlined that the State Government is another step closer to delivering on a key election commitment to establish a satellite hospital in Caboolture.

This is all about investing in health and investing in infrastructure,” the Premier said.

“It’s about creating jobs, increasing the capacity of our health system, and strengthening the economy – all vital to our COVID-19 economic recovery plan”.

“Satellite hospitals will take pressure off our health system by easing the demand on major hospitals and also support hundreds of jobs for Queenslanders”.

“Caboolture, Redlands, Pine Rivers and the Gold Coast are among seven areas where satellite hospitals are being built to under our $265 million election commitment”.

“This is the first time this has been done in Australia, and it will bring new and improved health services to the heart of growing local communities”

Yvette D’Ath, Health Minister ourlined that the new satellite hospitals would help take pressure off nearby emergency departments.

“Caboolture, Redlands, Pine Rivers and the Gold Coast have all experienced significant growth in recent years, and that has seen increased demand for health services”.

“Now is the right time to invest in additional infrastructure to make sure the residents in these growth corridors continue to get quality health care”.

“A range of services are being considered for these satellite hospitals, including community health services, ambulatory and low acuity day therapy services such as renal dialysis, chemotherapy, complex wound management, urgent care for minor injury and illness, and outpatient activities”.

“A business case for the whole Satellite Hospital Program is being prepared to identify which services will be offered at each location”.

“The economic benefits will be significant with the satellite hospital program to support up to 773 local jobs as it’s rolled out,” Minister D’Ath said.

Steven Miles, Deputy Premier outlines that his electorate and surrounding suburbs have experienced significant growth. That’s put pressure on health delivery.

“The rapid population increase has seen heightened demand on our health services – and this satellite hospital will help meet that need, and ease the pressure on hospitals.

“Now is the right time to invest in additional infrastructure to make sure the residents in this area continue to get quality health care.”

Mark Ryan, Member for Morayfield outlined that the satellite hospital will be a game changer for his constituents.

“This is a smart way to reduce demand on Caboolture hospital and will allow locals to get health treatment quickly and efficiently,” Mr Ryan said.

Ali King, Member for Pumicestone added the more services the better for the people in her electorate.

“This satellite hospital in Caboolture is just what the doctor ordered for our communities”.

“Pumicestone has an ageing population and it’s really important that we look at innovative ways to deliver health services to resident’ss,” said Ms King.

Construction expected to take around 12 months following completion of the business case and acquisition of land.

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– Media Release: Land located for Caboolture satellite hospital
– Address: Row Street, Caboolture
Interactive Image: Google Article and Streetview

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