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Rocksberg Master Plan – Caboolture West


A development application has been lodged for a preliminary approval, for the variation of the existing Emerging Community land zoning, located 649 Old North Road, Bellmere and Lots 14, 98 and 99 Old North Road, Rocksberg.

Designed by Peak Urban, the proposal seeks to vary the current zoning of the Moreton Bay Planning Scheme and for the land to be considered under a new Master Plan for the purposes under the following Precincts:
– Environmental Management and Conservation
– Recreation and Open Space
– Local Centre
– Residential

The proposal seeks to redevelop the existing low scale agricultural and farming uses into residential urban areas integrated within the master plan with the natural environment and retain parts of the site for environmental, recreational and open space. The proposal outlines that the 409.657ha site will be transformed into 8,700 residential dwellings over the next twenty (20) years, as the future expansion in Caboolture West emerges.

Environmental Management and Conservation Precinct
The aim is to provide an extensive flora and fauna network incorporated into the recreational links and retained important bushland habitat area. The precinct seeks the protection of key environmental areas and the establishment of prominent environmental corridors, with extensive rehabilitation works.

Residential Precinct
The aim is to provide for a variety of residential uses predominantly in the form of dwelling houses supported by community, educational, retail, commercial uses. The density intended will be 11-30 dwellings per hectare and a maximum building height of 12m. Where located within 400m of the proposed Local Centre Precinct a higher density of 45-75 dwellings per hectare and maximum building height of 27m is envisaged.

Two (2) Neighbourhood Hubs together with an Education Establishment will be sought within the Residential Precinct. Each hub will provide 2,000sqm of retail, commercial and community activities within a small neighbourhood catchment.

Local Centre Precinct
The aim is to provide for local convenience retail, commercial and community activities that service multiple neighbourhood catchments. The precinct is intended to be a mixed use area, integrating medium to high density units above the commercial and retail ground level to promote active centres.

Two (2) Local Centre Precincts are envisage with will allow a maximum building height of 21m and gross floor area of up to 7,000sqm. These include the following land uses:
– Full-line supermarket
– Speciality retail shops
– Commercial tenancies
– Suburban offices
– Health services
– Community facilities.

Recreational and Open Space Precinct
The aim is to provide a connected open space network designed to incorporate a range of recreational opportunities, that include nine (9) Local Parks (each 5,000sqm) at various locations accessible to the Residential Precinct and Local Centre Precinct. A large open space parkland is proposed adjacent the Caboolture River within the south-east corner of the site.

The open space is intended to provide a range of formal and informal, active and passive sport and recreation opportunities designed to meet community needs. These include the following activities:
– Playing fields
– Club facilities
– Play grounds
– Botanic and community gardens
– Civic and cultural facilities
– Public swimming pools
– Outdoor courts
– Educational and community activities
– Indoor and outdoor sporting
– Recreation activities and recreation trails.

The planners at Peak Urban state,For over a decade, Caboolture West has been earmarked for future residential expansion. The recent updating of the SEQ Regional Plan 2017 further confirmed this intent by including the area within Urban Footprint and identifying it as a major expansion area. As an expansion area, Caboolture West is envisaged to accommodate a large percentage of the region’s new supply of residential development”.

“The Site is currently located within the Emerging Community Zone and the Caboolture West Local Plan, specifically within the Urban Living Precinct and the Green Network Precinct. Whilst the Urban Living Precinct is intended for urban development, the Local Plan requires the preparation and implementation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) by Council, prior to development being approved”.

The Preliminary Approval seeks to vary the planning scheme to provide a Master Planned Community, which will include the following land uses over the next 20 years: Child Care Centre, Club, Community Care Centre, Community Use, Dual Occupancy, Dwelling House, Educational Establishment, Emergency services, Food and Drink Outlet, Hardware and trade supplies, Health Care Services, Home Based Business, Low Impact Industry, Multiple Dwelling, Office, Park, Place of Worship, Relocatable Home Park, Residential Care Facility, Retirement Facility, Sales Office, Service Industry, Shop, Substation, Telecommunications Facility, Veterinary Services and Utility Installation.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 29 July 2019
– Council: Moreton Bay Regional Council
– Council Reference: 2019 / 39052 / V2L
– Address: Old North Road, Bellmere and Rocksberg, Caboolture West
– Zone: Emerging Community
– Local Plan: Neighbourhood Development Plans 2 and 4
– Application Report: Peak Urban
– Subdivision Plan: Peak Urban
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from MBRC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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