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Rochedale Neighbourhood Centre – 667 Miles Platting Road, Rochedale


A development application has been recently lodged for Rochedale Neighbourhood Centre, located at 667 Miles Platting Road, Rochedale.

Designed by Thomson Adsett the proposal is for Centre Activities (Supermarket, Medical Centre, Retail and Café) and Multiple Dwellings within a mixed use retail and residential neighbourhood centre.

The proposal includes sixty nine (69) units of a medium density nature, broken into 2 separate residential located on top of the commercial ground floor tenancies. The integrated proposal seeks a maximum building height of 4 storeys (19m in height) with frontages both Rochedale Road and Miles Platting Road.

The key details of the proposed facility is provided below:
Centre Actives
– 1,563sqm supermarket
– 389sqm medical centre
– 1,596sqm specialty retail/café tenancies
– Open Dining Plaza
– 176 retail car park spaces
– 21 Medical Centre car park spaces

– Sixty Four (64) x 2 Bedroom Dwellings
– Five (5) x 3 Bedroom Dwellings
– 78 Residential spaces
– 11 Visitor and 4 motorcycle spaces
– 87 bicycle spaces
– 745sqm of public open space

Other components
– 2x Future Development Balance lots
– Proposed road widening (road resumption)
– 2 entrances with internal circulation spine road
– 299 car parking spaces provided in basement and ground floor

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The proposal is located in the Emerging Community Zone and Rochedale urban community neighbourhood plan (The Low-medium Density Residential Sub-precinct (NPP-005C) and The Mixed-Use Sub-precinct (NPP-005D).

The proposal includes approximately 6,167sqm of residential and 4141sqm of Centre Activities gross floor area, proposing a site cover of 27,329sqm (27.5%) over the 27,329sqm site.

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According to the planners at Urbis, “the location of the site is considered to be optimally suited for a neighbourhood centre given its location at the corner of two major suburban routes, and in proximity to a number of large-scale residential subdivisions, including the Pask ‘Arise at Rochedale’ development and Aveo’s ‘the Rochedale Estates.

The development comprises a mixed-use retail and residential neighbourhood centre of a scale that meets a demonstrated demand for additional retail facilities to meet the rapidly increasing population within the Rochedale area. The proposed residential component of the development will also provide for a greater variety of housing options for residents in the area.

The application was lodged 10 May 2016 @ 667 Miles Platting Road, Rochedale. Source: Application Report was prepared by Urbis, Plans prepared by Thomson Adsett and available for review from BCC pdonline. See Council reference A004379222 for more information.

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