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Rivermakers Mixed Use Master Plan – Colmsie Road, Morningside


A development application has been lodged for a preliminary approval to vary the Brisbane CityPlan 2014 and seek the Rivermakers master plan for a mixed business and industry development located at 67 Dunhill Crescent, 82 and 90 Colmsie Road and 500 Lytton Road, Morningside.

Designed by Place Design Group, the proposal seeks three (3) precincts that cater for a mix of activities to enhance the industrial function of the site. The proposal includes a range of new land use opportunities co-located over the site, which seek a dense building format and provide unique locations that maintain the industrial presence.

The existing heritage buildings will be restored and repurposed, providing an opportunity for the public to visit the site for the first time. The Rivermakers destination seeks to provide a cultural experience, providing quality food offerings to the surrounding workers and visitors.

The Brisbane River waterfront will be opened to the public with a new Esplanade park and Pier, with pedestrian and cycle path connections to the adjoining public parklands. The missing parkland link will provide new activation for the Rivermakers from potential customers passing the site and will be visible from the Olympic Village proposed across the Brisbane River in Hamilton Northshore.

Precinct 1 – Mixed Industrial & Retail (The Depot)
The precinct is located adjacent to Lytton and Colmslie Roads to the south of the site, and will provide for a range of mixed of industrial and retail. The oppotunities will provide convenience due to the location and a range of land uses co-located to engance the function of the surrouding industrial land.

– Showroom (1,500sqm)
– Hardware and Trade
– Shop (Limited Supermarket 1,500sqm)
– Indoor Spot and Recreation
– Service Station
– Food and Drink Outlets

Precinct 2 – Mixed Industry and Business
This precinct includes the majority of the development site. being 13.56ha of existing industrial land that seeks to be expanded to facilite office space in support of industrial activities. It is outlined that a business park is not the desire of this precinct, but will provide additional commerical activities.

Precinct 3 – Heritage Quarter
This precinct contains the old Lime Factory that will repurposes for food, retail and beverage desintation, maintaining the heritage character of the building and providing an entertainment area for businesses and locality.

The Heritage Quarter is envisaged to provide for Micro Brewery, Coffee Roasting, Distilling and Food processing, all with anceillary outlets for purchase and on site consumption. This precinct will maintain the industrial nature, with converance and event space in support of the surrounding business.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 8 March 2022
– Council Reference: A005962727
– Address: 67 Dunhill Crescent, 82 and 90 Colmsie Road and 500 Lytton Road, Morningside
– Zone: General Industry A and B
– Neighbourhood: River Gateway
– Application Report: Place Design Group
– Design Drawings: Place Design Group
– Landscape Drawings: Place Design Group
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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