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$500 Million Ring Road Completed – Mackay, Queensland


The Queensland State Government has announced that the  $497.3 million Mackay Ring Road has now been completed.

Michael McCormack, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development outlined that the Australian Government contributed $397.9 million to the Ring Road as part of the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program, which is improving safety, capacity and flood resilience between Brisbane and Cairns.

“The 11.3-kilometre Ring Road will make it much easier to travel between the south of Mackay and the northern suburbs. Travel time through the town centre will reduce, particularly at peaks times and heavy vehicles will be removed from the Nebo Road,”

“We are investing in our post-pandemic future by delivering lasting infrastructure which will kick-start our economic recovery and benefit Australians for years to come.

“The Australian Government’s 80% contribution to this project is part of our $100 billion, 10-year infrastructure pipeline which will support our economy and create jobs, particularly for those in the construction and manufacturing industries.” The Deputy Prime Minister said.


Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Premier acknowledged the efforts of local businesses and crews who were able to continue working on the project due to the efforts of Queenslanders in managing the health impacts of COVID-19.

“The Mackay Ring Road will have lasting benefits for the region and its economy for decades to come, but importantly it also created jobs at a time we needed it most,” “We have a plan for economic recovery, and at the heart of that plan is a $50 billion guarantee to invest in large infrastructure projects that will support and sustain jobs for Queenslanders now and into the future”.

“That includes this project and the $1 billion being delivered for better roads and jobs in Mackay.” Ms Palaszczuk said.

Mark Bailey, Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister outlined that the ring road’s nine overpasses and four bridges were game-changers that would transform how critical freight and the sugar city’s 116,000-strong community travels.

“This is a cornerstone project for Mackay built by Mackay”.  “More than 80 per cent of people involved in this project were from this region – that includes builders, suppliers, landscapers, engineers and traffic workers.

“Every one of them played a role in creating a project that will link the region’s $17.4 billion economy to its port, Queensland and the world”. “Their work here paves the way for the region’s next wave of road projects like the $120 million Mackay Northern Access upgrade, Walkerston Bypass and port access road: a $1 billion pipeline of road projects that’ll support another 1,000 jobs.

“Already the first 2.6km of the Walkerston bypass have now been delivered as part of this project, and we are ramping up deliver the rest.” Mr Bailey said.

Michelle Landry, Federal Member for Capricornia inspected the new road that opened in September 2020.

Now that the project is complete, freight, industry and local motorists will all benefit,”  “The 11.3-kilometre Ring Road connects the south of Mackay at Stockroute Road roundabout to the Bruce Highway, north of Mackay near Bald Hill Road.” Ms Landry said.

George Christensen, Federal Member for Dawson outlined that the remarkable milestone achievement is a prime example of the Australian Government delivering major infrastructure to assist Queensland and the nation through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Mackay Ring Road works included nine overpasses and 13 bridges.” “All 108 T-Girders were manufactured in a specialist, precast, concrete facility in Rockhampton and transported to Mackay.  Just one component of the new Greg Sutherland Bridge required the manufacture, transportation and placement of 108 T-Girders, each weighing up to 82 tonnes, measuring 1.8 metres tall, and 35 metres long.” Mr Christensen said.

Key Facts
– The 11.3-kilometres of road
– Stockroute Road roundabout to the Bruce Highway, north of Mackay near Bald Hill Road.
– The project includes nine overpasses and four bridges.
– Greg Sutherland Bridge, over the Pioneer River, is the largest bridge on the project (670 metres long).
– All 108 T-Girders were manufactured in a specialist, precast, concrete facility in Rockhampton and transported to Mackay
– The Greg Sutherland Bridge has been built to withstand a one-in-100-year flood.
– Earthworks: 1,101,126 cubic metre
– Excavation: 241,430 cubic metre
– Drainage installed: 3937 m
– Concrete placed: 12,000 cubic metre
– Asphalt pavement installed: 90,000sqm
– Tonnes of gravel used: 466,787
– Piling completed: Driven 412, Bored 50
– 150 T Girders and 636 deck units installed
– Approximately 612,738sqm of landscaping undertaken

Julieanne Gilbert, State Member for Mackay outlined that the project’s completion as a win for the region, and acknowledged the 1,400-plus local workers who were instrumental in laying 90,000m2 of asphalt, 108 T-Girders and 11.3km of new road.

“Our community has bucked the national trend when it comes to jobs because of the Queensland Government’s billion-dollar program of roads for our region and the ring road,” Mrs Gilbert said.

Mrs Gilbert helped announce the names of the ring road’s new bridges as the Greg Sutherland Bridge, the Thomas Powell Bridge, the William and Frank Guthrie Bridge and the Margaret Insch Bridge.

Government Funding
– Australian Government committing $397.9 million
– Queensland Government $99.4 million.

– Planning 2011–2013
– Design of Stage 1 2014–2017
– Commenced in mid-2017
– Completed by late 2020

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from referenced locations.
– Media Release: Historic Day for Mackay Road 
– Images and Video: DTMR Website

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