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Retail & Refurbishments – Eatons Hill Village, Brendale


A development application has been lodged for new Retail and Refurbishments to the exiting Eatons Hill Village Shopping Centre, located at 640 South Pine Road, Brendale.

Designed by Michael Bailey Architects, the proposal seeks a new building beside the existing building fronting the existing roundabout on Bunya Park Drive the main access to the site. The new building has a maximum building height of 2 storeys (approximately 8.5m high) and will the new focal point for customers on arrival by vehicle or pedestrian crossing from the adjacent Eatons Hill Hotel. Further building extensions are provided in the lower ground floor in proximity to the travellator for access from the under-croft car park.

New Tenancies
– Office – 315sqm (first floor)
– Tenancy – 30sqm
– Tenancy – 70sqm
– Tenancy – 80sqm
– Tenancy – 240sqm

Lower Ground Floor
– Two (2) new retail tenancies (100sqm)

Ground Floor:
– Two (2) new retail tenancies (320sqm)
– New pedestrian entrance
– New outdoor dining areas
– New Lift access

First Floor
– New office space (315sqm)
– Verandah connections
– New Lift access

The planners at IB Town Planning state, The proposal represents a small extension to the existing development which will continue to increase employment opportunities for the area and create an improved built form and pedestrian interface with the range of complementary uses currently on the two adjoining sites. The improvement in activation of the commercial tenancies at both the ground and lower ground levels is consistent with the outcomes sought for retail development under the Moreton Bay Planning Scheme, by providing increased visual interest, less reliance on private car transport, and prioritises the movement and safety of pedestrians between the street frontage, adjoining uses and the entrance to the building”.

Overall the shopping centre will be increased by to 735sqm of gross floor area (GFA) on the 2.4230 ha site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 12 November 2018
– Council: Moreton Bay Regional Council
– Council Reference: 2018/37339/V2C
– Address: 640 South Pine Road, Brendale
– Zone: General Residential
– Neighbourhood Plan: N/A
– Application Report: IB Town Planning
– Design Drawings: Michael Bailey Architects
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from MBRC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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