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Resource Recovery Facility – Watson Road & Gregory Street, Acacia Ridge


A development application has been lodged for Resource Recovery Facility located at 146 Watson Road & 121 Gregory Street, Acacia Ridge.

Designed by Aiesha Civil Design & Drafting, the proposal is for a Resource Recovery Facility for Waste Recycling, Reprocessing, Transfer and Disposal with a maximum building height of 1 storey (15m in height), which seeks to be redeveloped over two (2) stages.

The proposed development will cater for construction / demolition waste and will process other waste received through the facility and recycled off site. Unsuitable waste for recycling will be transferred off site for suitable disposal or be used as fill remaining existing quarry voids within the site (if appropriate).

Stage 1
The Resource Recovery Facility proposed as a part of Stage 1 will include both existing operations and additional activities, as listed

– Waste Transfer station (receipt, sorting, transfer off site of Construction and Demolition Waste)
– Disposal via Filling to achieve the finished development pad levels
– Recycling of waste related products (limited to paper, plastic, timber, plasterboard, metals)
– Crushing, Milling, Grinding or screening (waste recycling)
– Soil conditioning & manufacture
– Fuel storage over 75,000Lts
– Bulk oil storage up to 5,000Lts
– Workshop (service of company equipment and vehicles)
– Caretakers residence and facilities
– Outdoor Storage / Stockpiling (unprocessed concrete and rock)
– SKIP Bin Storage
– Ancillary Office and administration

New Buildings
– Administration Office to replace existing
– Lunch Room
– C&D Transfer Station
– Plant / Screen Shed
– Existing Buildings to be reused

The total gross floor area of Stage 1 will be 4,740sqm (including 380sqm of existing GFA).

Stage 2
The Resource Recovery Facility proposed as a part of Stage 2 will include the following uses over the next 5 – 10 years, as listed

– Waste Transfer station (receipt, sorting, transfer off site of Inert Waste)
– Scrap metal yard
– Tyre shredding/storage
– Soil manufacture / composting
– Landscaping Wholesale Yard
– Concrete Batching Plant
– Outdoor Storage & Stockpiling (Inert Waste)
– Warehousing
– SKIP Bin Storage.

New Buildings
– Recycle and Stockpile Sheds
– Waste Load-Out Shed
– Inert Waste Transfer Station
– Inert Waste Stockpile Wall
– Inert Stockpile Cover
– Conveyor
– Concrete Batching Plant
– Product Bays for Batching Plant
– Landscape Product Bays

The total additional gross floor area of Stage 2 will be 3,420sqm (resulting in a total overall GFA of 8,160sqm including 380sqm of existing GFA).

The Oxley Creek waterway corridor in the southern and western portions of the site is proposed to be widened and included re-profiled sections for flood conveyance and ecological regeneration purposes.

The planners at Planning Initiatives, state “it is considered that the Watson Road Resource Recovery Facility proposed will provide an excellent opportunity to achieve an improvement to the Oxley Creek corridor through providing certainty to the long term land uses on site and guaranteeing an income stream to assist in paying for these substantial improvements to Oxley Creek.

The proposed development seeks to adequately addressing the environmental impacts of the proposed operations by implementing the following:
– Limiting the extent of vegetation to be removed
– Development footprint within currently disturbed or previously modified areas
– Avoiding the fragmentation of patches of remnant vegetation
– Reducing potential ecological impacts with buffers to natural watercourses
– Mining/extraction permits to be rehabilitated over time
– Enhancing terrestrial and aquatic fauna by widening and rehabilitating existing corridors

The ‘Terrestrial Flora and Fauna Assessment Report’ prepared, by Planit Consulting states it is considered unlikely that the resource recovery/landfill/recycling facility as proposed will have a significant impact upon the ecological values of the site, study area or locality. Certainly it is considered highly unlikely that the impacts of the proposal would have an adverse impact upon the life cycle of any threatened species (at state or federal level) of flora or fauna such that a viable local population of the species would be placed at risk of extinction. This is largely due to the restriction of the direct impacts zone to currently and historically modified areas (associated with previous mining and ongoing resource recovery) and provision of additional, long‐term buffers to the Oxley Creek riparian zone.”

The proposal is for 8,160sqm of GFA (Stage 1 – 4,740sqm and Stage 2 – 3,420sqm), though proposes a 100% total site cover (in terms of operational area) over the 47.41ha site area.

The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 4 July 2017
– Council Reference: A004690321
– Address: 146 Watson Road & 121 Gregory Street, Acacia Ridge
– Zone: Industrial Investigation, Environmental Management & Rural zones
– Neighbourhood Plan: Acacia Ridge—Archerfield and Lower Oxley Creek north
– Town Planning Report: Planning Initiatives
– Architecture Drawings: Aiesha Civil Design & Drafting
– 3D Renders: submitted by Planning Initiatives
Flora and Fauna Assessment Report: Planit Consulting

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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