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Residential Tower, Retail & Park (Stage 2) – Skyring Terrace, Newstead


A development application has been lodged for a residential tower, retail and parkland located at 13 Cunningham Street and 57 Skyring Terrace, Newstead.

Development site area

Designed by Mirvac Design, the proposal seeks Stage 2 of the site ‘Sky Precinct’ redevelopment, building upon the ‘Quay’ residential tower (Stage 1). The proposal seeks one hundred and thirty five (135) high density units within a residential tower that has a maximum building height of 25 storeys positioned to the west of the overall site. The proposal also seeks ground floor retail, food and drink outlets and will contribute public open space to increase the size of the existing adjoining parkland.

The site is within the Mixed use (Inner city) zone and will remove the existing overflow stormwater basins located in the south eastern part of the site. The proposal is the second redevelopment of the Sky Precinct within the Mirvac’s Waterfront Newstead Precinct area.

Adjoining the existing pedestrian pathway and ‘Newstead Riverpark’ urban renewal area that fronts Skyring Terrace and will extend adjoining pedestrian pathways through the new parkland space to the proposed building.

Mirvac’s vision states, “Reimagining urban life is about creating inspiring and invigorating places designed to enhance and enrich people’s lives. We take an intensely humanistic approach to design where people and the way in which they want to live is our central focus”.

“The vision for stage 2 is to create the next iteration in a family of buildings for the sky precinct each with it’s own unique identity continuing the language of biophilic architecture, providing living green facades, connection to nature and soft organic forms”.

“To create a sculptural building in the round that complements stage 1 taking advantage of its northern aspect providing maximum amenity for the residents. At the urban scale to continue the concept of permeability, ground plane activation and destination. To incorporate the principles of buildings that breathe contributing to the evolving vernacular of Brisbane.”

Development Mix
– 135 high density units
– Retail 1 (254.5sqm)
– Retail 2 (129.7sqm)
– Retail 3 (191sqm)
– Retail 4 (250.5sqm)
– Entrance feaures
– Parkland contribution

Rooftop Communial Area
– Informal Dining and barbeque area
– Swimmings pool
– Garden Room and barbeque
– Seating pods
– Cocktail sunsetbar
– Waterfall beds
– Sunbeds
– Yoga lawn
– Spas
– Wellness space
– Wet edge
– Catch pool
– Outdoor dinning
– Outdoor shower

The proposed development provides private open space in the form of balconies for every unit and communal open space in the ground floor and rooftop. A expansive landscaped rooftop terrace incorporating a infinity edge pool, spa and outdoor entertaining spaces looking out to the city and river.

The proposal contains 253 car parking spaces within the basement levels. Pedestrian and vehicle access is provided to Cunningham Street and Skyring Terrace.

The planners at Urbis state “The ground floor plane maintains the pedestrianised connections through Waterfront Park into Skyring
Terrace. The development enhances the activation of the parkland and Skyring Terrace, providing retail spaces which front both Skyring Terrace, the privately owned public open space and through the internal cross-block link. This will create an intimate ‘laneway’ feel similar to precincts such as James Street already established within Brisbane, whilst connecting to the existing parkland and retail precinct adjacent to the site at Gasworks.”

The proposal includes 17,320sqm of gross floor area, with 38.2% site coverage across the development site (site 2) 4,395sqm which is part of the 14,778sqm overall development site. A stage of development are envisaged to be delivered on the site in the future and will be subject to separate, future, development applications.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 16 November 2021
– Council Reference: A005882041
– Address: 13 Cunningham Street and 57 Skyring Terrace, Newstead
– Zone: Mixed use (Inner city)
– Neighbourhood Plan: Newstead and Teneriffe waterfront
– Application Report: Urbis
– Design Drawings: Mirvac Design
– Landscape Drawings: RPS Group
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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