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Residential Tower – Lytton Road, East Brisbane


A development application has been lodged for Multiple Dwellings and Retail within a residential tower development, located 89 Lytton Road, East Brisbane.

Designed by DKO Architecture, the proposal seeks eighty one (81) units within a residential building that has a maximum building height of eight (8) storeys. The ground floor provides a landscaped plaza setting with a high ceiling and tenancies (including alfresco dining), and communal areas in proximity to the residential entrance.

Ground Floor Layout

Rooftop Layout

Development Details
51 Multiple Dwellings
– Fifty five (55) x 2 Bedroom Units
– Twenty six (26) x 3 Bedroom Units
– Ground floor retail
– Ground floor communal area
– Rooftop communal area (558sqm)
– Landscaped ground floor and tower

The proposal provides 201 car parking both the two basements and ground floor levels, 8 visitor spaces and 16 retail. Access from the basement and ground floor car parks will be from Northcotes Street. 102 bicycle parking spaces are provided across the residential buildings.

The planners at DTS Group Qld state, “The proposed development utilises design techniques to manage building bulk and scale to reflect a transitional building form that can comfortably co-exist with the adjoining units. The southern façade includes a highly articulated façade with significant changes in the external building line that provide depth and present as smaller building components. The proposal also includes a deep vertical recess in the centre of the elevation to provide two distinct building components which are then broken down into smaller elements through breaks in the wall plane and material variation”.

“The upper levels of the development have a stepping in of the floor plate and varied external treatments to reduce the bulk and scale where the height exceeds that of the adjoining units. The inclusion of external planters at the corners of the building up to the rooftop reinforces the green landscaped setting alongside the deep planting buffer to provide a sensitive transition to the southern boundary”.

A proposed seeks a site coverage of 2,017sqm (76.06%) of the overall 2,653sqm site area.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 28 MArch 2022
– Council Reference: A005978489
– Address: 89 Lytton Road, East Brisbane
– Zone: Mixed Use (Inner City)
– Neighbourhood Plan: Kangaroo Point South
– Application Report: DTS Group Qld
– Architect Drawings: DKO Architecture
– Landscape Architect: Wild Studio
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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