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Residential Buildings – Central Avenue, Indooroopilly


A development application has been lodged for multiple dwellings, located at 140 Central Avenue, Indooroopilly.

Designed by RotheLowman, the proposal seeks one hundred and thirty three (133) medium density residential units within two residential buildings that have a maximum building height of 7 storeys and six (6) 2-storey terrace homes.

The 34 dwellings within the two existing narrow buildings built in 1960s, car parking and structures will be removed by the site redevelopment to facilitate the proposal. Two silky oak trees located in the northern section of the site have been nominated for retention by the new proposal and will be integrated within deep planting and landscape areas.

Development Details
– Sixty Eight (68) x 2 bedroom apartments
– Eight (8) x 2 bedroom + MRP apartments
– Twenty Four (24) x 3 bedroom apartments
– Twenty Seven (27) x 3 bedroom + MRP apartments
– Six (6) x 3 bedroom terrace homes
– 496sqm of communal space (rooftop recreation deck)
– 352 residents and 34 visitor car parks
– 133 residents and 34 visitor bike spaces
– Pedestrian pathway links
– Lanscaped boundaries
– 2 Levels of basement.

Roof Terrace
– Swimming pool and terrace decking area
– SPA, Hot SPA and MAG SPA
– Day beds, cabanas and seating pods
– Shade trees and informal seating
– Barbecue kitchen area
– Outdoor dining and entertaining areas
– Outdoor gym and yoga lawn area
– Landscape planters

The proposal provides private open space in the form of balcony areas for each apartment and communal open space on the rooftop.

The proposal provides 252 residential car parking spaces and 34 visitor car parking spaces within two basement levels. Pedestrian access and vehicle access is proposed via a new shared driveway to Sovereign Street. The existing driveway to Central Avenue will be removed and replaced with a pedestrian pathway.

The planners at Murray Bell Planning Co. state, “The proposed medium density residential development appropriately reflects the transitional position of the site, located between a major growth node and high amenity suburban living area. The proposal utilises the largest remaining parcel of land within Indooroopilly to establish a unique design which responds to the ‘leafy green’ character of Indooroopilly, providing exceptional landscaping and architectural design which integrates into the landscape”.

The proposal seeks 11,458.1sqm of gross floor area, with 1,348.1sqm (50.5%) in site cover across the 6,169sqm development site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 27 July 2022
– Council Reference: A006068875
– Address: 140 Central Avenue Road, Indooroopilly
– Zone: Medium Density Residential
– Neighbourhood Plan: Indooroopilly Centre
– Application Report: Murray Bell Planning Co.
– Design Drawings: RotheLowman
– Landscape Drawing: RPS Group
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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