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Residential Building – Crosby Road, Albion


A development application by Arden Property Group has been lodged for Multiple Dwellings, located at 56-60 Crosby Road, Albion.

Designed by Altis Architecture and Dunn + Moran Landscape Architects, the proposal named ‘EUROA’ seeks seventy six (76) residential units of a medium density nature, within an elongated 8 storey residential building (maximum building height is approximately 33m). The existing industrial building will be removed to facilitate the redevelopment of the site. 

Level 1 – Pedestrian / Vehicle Entrance
Level 7 – Units and Common Area

Basement Floor
– 144 residential car spaces
– 20 visitor car spaces (1x PWD)
– 2x lift wells
– Basement ramp
– Storage
– Vehicle access to Lever Street

Ground Level
– 6 units
– Gym and Sauna
– Multi-purpose room
– Bicycle storage
– Basement ramp
– Pedestrian access for all units

Level 1
– Burdett Street Entrance, Lobby and Lift wells
– 8 units
– Kedron Avenue pedestrian entrance
– Landscaping
– 87 Bicycle storage spaces

Residential Units
– Sixteen (16) x 1 bedroom units
– Six (6) x 2 bedroom units
– Nineteen (19) x 2+ bedroom units
– Thirty Five (35) x 3+ bedroom units

Level 7
– Communal Area
– Swimming Pool and deck
– BBQ area and Lounge
– Indoor and Outdoor Dining
– 8 units

The planners at Urbis state “The proposed development mitigates amenity impacts on adjoining development the extent practical. The proposed design allows for natural light, ventilation, and breeze to grace the subject development as well as existing development adjoining the site. The proposal will not result in any significant and undue adverse amenity impacts additional or intensified amenity impacts for properties adjoining the site”.

“The design of the development provides high quality private outdoor recreation areas, which support indoor-outdoor living for occupants of the development. It is noted that the provision of generous balcony sizing (and their placement) adds to the site coverage calculation for the development. In reality, the balconies will not be interpreted as building bulk and scale despite being included in the site coverage metric”.

“The proposed development includes high quality outdoor communal open space spaces areas which will provide recreational activities for residents. The outdoor communal open space area is located on the roof of the proposed development and it is noted that this feature of the development does not contribute to site coverage due to its containment within the building envelope”.

The proposal provides 164 car park spaces within the three basement levels and provides vehicle access to Burdett Street.

The approval includes 8,259sqm of gross floor area, 1,562sqm (58%) site cover over the 2,677sqm development site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 26 April 2022
– Council Reference: A005998885
– Address: 56 Crosby Road, Albion
– Zone: Medium Density Residential Zone
– Neighbourhood Plan: Albion Neighbourhood Plan
– Application Report: Urbis
– Design Drawings: Altis Architecture
– Landscape Drawings: Dunn + Moran Landscape Architects
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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