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Residential, ALDI Supermarket & Retail – Cleveland Central Shopping Centre


A development application has been lodged for the redevelopment of a large portion of the ‘Cleveland Central Shopping Centre’ located at 67-107 Middle Street, Cleveland.

Designed by i2C Architects, the proposal seeks the demolition of all of the existing car parking and some retail tenancies to facilitate the expansion of the shopping centre over several building stages. The staged removal of car parks seeks to ensure that the existing shopping complex can operate for the duration of construction.

Demolition Details
– Demolished Ground Floor northern car park (Stage 1)
– Demolished Ground Floor Tenancies (stage 1)
– Demolished Ground Floor southern car parking (Stage 2).

The new shopping design will create a new ground floor retail, shopping centre entrance and 2 levels of basement car parking spaces and replace the south car parking to facilitate the residential tower above.

The new tenancies will be integrated with the existing Woolworths Supermarket and retail via a new mall that extends to a new entrance from the road frontage. The mall will be provide for food and drink outlets, a new Major Supermarket (Aldi or similar) and retail tenancies.

Development Details
Retail / Shopping Centre Amendments
– New covered mall and entrance
– New Major Supermarket (Aldi or similar) tenancy
– 3x Shop tenancies
– 3x Specialty Retail (Shop)
– 3x Kiosk (Shop or Food & Drink)
– 4x Food & Drink Outlet
– New Amenities
– New Lifts
– New Residential tower lobby
– New Outdoor seating area
– Improved vehicle access

Multiple Dwellings (148 units)
– Seventeen (17) x 1 bedroom units
– One hundred and four (104) 2 bedroom units
– Twenty Seven (27) x3 bedroom units.

Stage 1
– Demolition of existing shops along Wynyard Street and Middle Street corner resulting in a total reduction of 1,277sqm of GFA
– Extension and refurbishment of existing shopping centre adding a total of 3,438sqm GFA comprising of a new major supermarket (Aldi or similar) and a series a speciality retail and food & drink outlets
– New two-level basement car park with 293 car parks.

Stage 2
– Minor demolition of existing retail (130m2 GFA) to provide circulation space to second storey and podium.
– Addition of a multi-deck car park accessed from Queen Street resulting in an additional 239 car parking spaces.
– Residential component resulting in a flexible Multiple Dwelling or Retirement Facility in the above tower.

The proposal seeks to replace the car parking spaces and provided 740 car parking spaces in the new layout. A retained vehicle access is provided to Wynyard Street.

The planners at Urbis, state “the overarching vision statement for the precinct is “to create a dynamic and vibrant town centre that supports community vitality, genuine mixed use activity and celebrates the cultural and natural uniqueness of Cleveland”. The proposal will reposition the centre for the future by enhancing and restructure the precincts, with particular focus on creating a cohesive centre rather than disparate buildings”.

Design Strategies
– augmentation of the retail centre through addition of casual dining and entertainment precincts, new anchors and focal points and additional speciality shops
–  addition of medium density later-living/residential enclaves to create 24/7 vitality and genuine mixed use activity in the centre
– general enhancement of the centre identity to improve its destination appeal and strengthen its connection with the community through creation of social recreation and lifestyle hub for locals.

The proposal results in 10,658sqm of gross floor area (GFA), with 89.5% site cover that increases the overall GFA from 8,618sqm once completed.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 10 August 2021
–  Council Reference: MCU21/0149
– Address: 67-107 Middle Street, Cleveland
– Zone: Principal Centre
– Neighbourhood Plan: None
– Application Report: Urbis
– Design Drawings: i2C Architects
– Landscape Drawings: i2C Architects
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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