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Regional Sport & Recreation Precinct – Heinemann Road, Mount Cotton, Redland


The Redland City Council has announced that it will begin the constructions of the Redlands Coast Regional Sport and Recreation Precinct, located across 101ha of land at 277-293 Heinemann Road, Mount Cotton.

The precinct development by Redland City Council seeks to meet the current and future sport and recreation needs of Redlands Coast, while also protecting a significant area of natural habitat.

The Precinct will provide formal sporting facilities and support the wider community with recreational facilities, with room to grow made possible by primary tenants moving to the Precinct.

Karen Williams, Mayor welcomed the contributing sports organisations and thanked them for sharing their concept design ideas and sport requirements.

“Not only will this incredible new facility allow the clubs moving there to grow, but it will also allow other clubs such as netball – one of the largest membership sports competitions in Redlands Coast – the opportunity to expand at Pinklands; potentially give more space for the rapidly growing sports such as basketball and gymnastics at Capalaba; and free up the Cleveland Showgrounds for events”.

“This is not about catering for one or two sports, but for many. The benefits of this planning will be shared by many sports, their participants and supporters for many years to come”.

“The facilities are a win for sport and particularly young people – across the city and the wider community – who will enjoy recreation facilities including boardwalks; wetland and forest areas; trails for walking, cycling and horse riding and, a regional level playground”.

“With 13 touch football fields and a touch football clubhouse; three rugby league fields and a purpose-built rugby league clubhouse; a State-level BMX track, 1.2km long criterium track and shared bike activity clubhouse and, more than 800 car parks precinct-wide, the future is looking bright for these Redlands Coast sports”.

“Locating these clubs at the precinct will enable works at Norm Price Park (Redland Showgrounds), Pinklands Sporting Complex and Degen Road, Capalaba, that will see benefits for other sports, clubs and the wider community. “At Cleveland, the land vacated by Redlands Touch Association will allow the Redland Showgrounds to embrace its true identity as the city’s premier events space, with more land and time available to host festivals, concerts and expositions, bringing cultural and financial benefits to the city”.

“When Redlands Rugby League Club moves from Pinklands Sporting Complex at Thornlands, there can be an expansion of Redland Netball and equestrian facilities and more car spaces, while also considering better functionality at the southern end of the site for the smaller community clubs located there, which include Redlands Modern Country Music Club, Yurara Art Society and Redland Bridge Club”.

“At Degen Road, Capalaba, relocation of Redlands BMX could open up a site for expanded indoor facilities for basketball and gymnastics, or other emerging sports such as pickleball,” the mayor said.

Recreation Areas
– All abilities playground
– kickabout space
– pump track
– rehabilitated wetlands
– boardwalks and trails
– picnic areas
– conservation areas
– 800 carparks.

Sports Areas
– 3 new clubhouses
– 16 sporting fields
– cycling and BMX tracks
– 47ha of sports grounds.

Sporting Clubs
– Redlands Touch Association
– Redlands Rugby League
– Redlands BMX
– Redland Cycling and Multisport Club.

BMX and Cycle Clubhouse
BMX and Cycle Clubhouse

Julie Talty, Division 6 Councillor and Deputy Mayor outlined that the plans for the new Redlands Coast Regional Sport and Recreation Precinct revealed wonderful facilities for these sporting organisations.

“Redlands Touch Association will have a new clubhouse with grandstand seating that will be perfect for their club. They are excited about the prospect of 13 dedicated fields, up from the current eight, with an option of an extra six fields – providing an opportunity to attract larger events and carnivals. “Redlands Rugby League Club will call a new two-storey clubhouse home, with the lower level boasting six modern changing rooms suitable for male and female teams and an upper level with grandstand seating and community spaces enjoying enviable views over the precinct”.

“Rugby League will also have three dedicated, professionally designed and lit fields, with the capability for up to five fields to host larger competition events, up from the current two fields available at Pinklands”.

“For Redlands BMX, the new State-level track and multi-building clubhouse will present opportunities for the club and its growing membership to be involved in State events while providing training space for national and international championships”.

“Previously without a ‘home’, Redlands Cycling and Multisport Club is delighted with both the 1.2km long criterium track and the clubhouse they’ll share with BMX. The club expects the multiple-looped track to attract new members as well as recreational riders of all ages looking to enjoy the off-road facility.” 

“It will be an exciting precinct that shows how this naturally wonderful site will provide marvellous new recreation spaces for the wider community,”

“We’re going to see a fabulous all-ages and all-abilities recreation space with a regional level playground including water play and a pump track; a kick-about area that can also be used for class fitness activities, markets and small community events; rehabilitated wetland areas with boardwalks and nature play areas and, trails through conservation areas suitable for a range of activities, such as horse riding, mountain biking, walking and bird watching”, the Deputy Mayor said.

Touch Football Clubhouse
Touch Football Clubhouse

Recreation Space Facilities
Recreation Space
Rugby League Clubhouse

Indicative Milestones 
– 2019/2020 – Master Planning and technical studies
– Jan-Feb 2020 – Community consultation
– 2020-June 2021 – Consultation with clubs and other stakeholders
– June 2021 – Concept design finalised
– 2021/22 – Preliminary and detailed design developed
– June 2022 – Preliminary and detailed design finalised
– Late 2022 – Construction commences (subject to Council budget)

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
– Information: Redland City Council – have your say Redland Coast
– Images: Redland City Council – have your say Redland Coast
– Interactive Image: Google Article and Streetview

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