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Refurbishments & Elevated Car Park – Bellbowrie Shopping Plaza


A development application has been lodged for refurbishments to the shopping centre entrance and construction of an elevated car parking structure for the Bellbowrie Shopping Plaza, located 37 Birkin Road, Bellbowrie.           

Demolition Plan

Designed by Sparc Architects, the proposal seeks to raised the existing car parking area adjoining the supermarket to provide a direct acceess with the shopping centre entrance. The existing centre will also be refusbished to improvide the customer experience and amenity, with the conversion of retail space to pedestrian circulation facilciate improvied linkages to the proposed elevated car parking structure.

Elevated car park

Elevated car park ramp
Mall Layout

Development Detail
– Reduction in 189sqm of GFA
– Elevated car parking structure
– Neew entrances
– Replacement of entry awning roofs
– Building entries
– Reglazing
– Re-sheeting awnings
– New landscape garden beds
– Painting
– Addition lift connection from basement
– Improve the flood immunity and addition of emergency flood gates.

Changes occuring

The plaanners at Planning Solutionns state “It is proposed to renovate the existing Centre and to improve shopper convenience and amenity. The existing supermarket at (circa 2020) the eastern end of the shopping centre was built at RL 13.1m AHD to meet flood immunity standards applicable at the time, and it is proposed to raise the level of the adjacent car park (from a surface level of 11.5m AHD) to 12.92m AHD to be at a similar level as the supermarket floor to cater for ease of movement for customers and for ‘click and collect’ services and also to increase its flood immunity”.

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The Application Information and References
– Lodged: 30 November 2021
– Council Reference: A005894017
– Address: 37 Birkin Road, Bellbowrie.           
– Zone: District Centre
– Neighbourhood Plan:  Moggill – Bellbowrie
– Application Report: Planning Solutionns
– Design Drawings: Sparc Architects
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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