Redcliffe Foreshore Master Plan & Activation Strategy – Council Endorsed


A draft strategy for the Redcliffe Peninsula’s foreshore commenced in January 2017 and underwent two extensive community consultation processes. The Redcliffe Foreshore Master Plan and Activation Strategy provides a framework for decision making around events, activities and temporary commercial permits for nine precincts along the peninsula’s foreshore.

Moreton Bay Regional Council have announced the Redcliffe Foreshore Master Plan and Activation Strategy has closed and was endorsed at a Council Meeting on the 3 October 2017. The Master plan outlines the Council’s vision, principles, rationale and purpose for an overall network plan. It identifies key opportunities to support the vision, places and the intended outcomes of the Plan

Master Plan Principles

Network of Buildings and Places
The Redcliffe foreshore network is connected by a series of places and buildings, which is acknowledged that park activation is only a part of a bigger strategic picture for the Redcliffe Peninsula’s tourism and economic development. The masterplan lists a number of initiatives to support this vision.

Masterplan Precincts
The master plan for the areas foreshore stretches from Clontarf to Scarborough and identifies nine (9) precincts throughout the plan. The precinct plans identify locations, frequency, proximity and impact considerations regarding for the suitable permitting of temporary activities for each as well as development assessment framework for decision making in permitting types of temporary activities in the foreshore public spaces.

– Precinct 1 – Clontarf Beach – Pelican  – Bells Beach Parks
– Precinct 2 – Bicentennial – Apex – Crockatt – Woody Point Parks
– Precinct 3 – Gayundah Arboretum – Scotts Point – Progress – Lahore Parks
– Precinct 4 – Margate Beach – Youth – Suttons Beach Parks
– Precinct 5 – Settlement Cove – Redcliffe Jetty – Anzac Place – Rotary – Captain Cook Parks
– Precinct 6 – Queens Beach Parks (north and south)
– Precinct 7 – Scarborough Beach Park – Bill Marsh Lookout
– Precinct 8 – Tingira – Jamieson – Thurecht Parks
– Precinct 9 – Endeavour Park

Precinct 1
Clontarf Beach – Pelican  – Bells Beach Parks

Activation Intent
“This precinct is a gateway to the Peninsula. If these parklands are seen as vibrant and active, a sense of excitement for the rest of the foreshore precincts may be anticipated. Commercial activity that is water and sports related is supported. This is the only precinct where motorised water sports is envisioned and the large (on water) permit category is intended for an inflatable water park”. Place Group Design

Precinct 2
Bicentennial – Apex – Crockatt – Woody Point Parks

Activation Intent
“This eastern end of the precinct is in proximity to existing local businesses in Woody Point, and as such it is not considered appropriate for coffee or refreshment vending, unless it is proposed as an extension of any established local businesses.” 

“At the western end of the precinct, the strategy proposes that some food and drink vendors may be permitted, to benefit from users (e.g. the mums and dads) of the playground areas where a coffee might be enjoyed while watching over the kids. The precinct will be family oriented and is the least affected by neighbouring residences. As such it is an opportunity to allow some more regionally attractive activities”. Place Group Design

Precinct 3
Gayundah Arboretum – Scotts Point – Progress – Lahore Parks

Activation Intent
“Scotts Point and Gayundah Arboretum Parks are distinct in the peninsula foreshore, in that they reflect a specialised experience of views to Moreton Bay. They provide a quiet, out of the way setting, that commands relaxation, reflection, and ‘low gear’ movement”

“Scotts Point Park to the north is embraced by elevated shorelines. Its linear nature might provide opportunity for a small mobile coffee operator for early morning walkers and joggers, but it is not considered suitable for more activation than this. Lahore Park conversely provides a great open space within which some regular activity may occur (such as food events) where impacts on adjoining residential properties are managed”. Place Group Design

Precinct 4
Margate Beach – Youth – Suttons Beach Parks

Activation Intent
“Suttons Beach to Margate Beach Parks represent a precinct that transitions from high activity through to relaxed movement along the promenade and bathing waters.”“The linear nature of Margate Beach to Suttons Beach is also considered suitable for a sculpture by the sea annual event, as a major visitor attraction.”

“The iconic bath house along the Margate Beach promenade is a heritage feature of the Redcliffe foreshore, and is located near a vibrant local takeaway shop that is easily accessed from the foreshore. The southern extents of the precinct could be suitable for a small mobile refreshments cart (on pathway), nominated specifically to an area of the promenade that is not within 400m of the local shop.” Place Group Design

Precinct 5
Settlement Cove – Redcliffe Jetty – Anzac Place – Rotary – Captain Cook Parks

Activation Intent
“This key area is a major central foreshore precinct, proposed to have a high level of activation to service a large visitor population, local convenience and occasional festivities. The weekly markets will continue as a specialised use and may be expanded. However, more events of this scale and size will be limited to only a few occasions in the year. It is not desirable that Redcliffe Parade is closed more frequently than it currently is. Passive annual events (e.g. sculpture by the sea event) are suitable”

“The jetty provides a great opportunity for increased water transport activities, such as day trips, dinner cruises and ferry transport. In acknowledgement of historic use of the Redcliffe Jetty the strategy also proposes to permit small scale activities on the jetty itself, such as entertainment (busking, arcade style games), or local crafts stall”. Place Group Design

Precinct 6
Queens Beach Parks (north and south)

Activation Intent
“The nature of this precinct is quiet, with low levels of activity.  With the slight elevation of roadside paths where people walk and cycle, the parks represent an important contrast to the activity and vibrancy that can be found elsewhere to the north and south of this section of the peninsula foreshore

 Off-leash dog beach access to the north of the central headland, at certain times of the day, is considered appropriate and as such some dog related services (mobile wash and groom, dog treats vending) may be considered suitable. Otherwise it is proposed to retain the peaceful, shore qualities of this precinct for the enjoyment of views over Moreton Bay”. Place Group Design

Precinct 7
Scarborough Beach Park – Bill Marsh Lookout

Activation Intent
“The continued accommodation of large scale annual events such as the Scarborough Christmas Carols event in December, and the Scarborough Sounds music concert in September (part of the three week Redcliffe Festival) are a great attractor for the region, and such occasional peaks of activity are considered acceptable”.

 “The precinct, most predominantly represented by Scarborough Beach Park, is otherwise seen as suitable for small and medium scale events. Bill Marsh lookout is not proposed for any permits for commercial activities, owing to its more isolated location and minor size”. Place Group Design

Precinct 8
Tingira – Jamieson – Thurecht Parks

Activation Intent
“Tingira is a reflective, contemplative elevated park space and it is not seen necessary to force activity opportunities in this area. Jamieson and Thurecht Parks both face the

Scarborough Harbour, and this is an exciting opportunity for coordinated activity and visitor attraction for the region. The parks are suitable for regular permitted activities, including fitness groups, nonmotorised vehicle hire (bikes, skates etc), active transport tour operators (segways, bikes etc..), or events such as cooking demonstrations, food markets”

“Jamieson Park is also suitable for a mobile coffee cart, provided it doesn’t impact on local restaurants. Food and drink vending in Thurecht Park is not appropriate. The harbour is an exciting opportunity and, while not part of this work, it is noted that a master plan strategy for the harbour could capitalise on visitor attraction for this underutilised asset”. Place Group Design

Precinct 9
Endeavour Park

Activation Intent
“Endeavour Park is an extensive community asset at the north-western side of the Redcliffe Peninsula. It is the northern gateway to the foreshore, and is the point of arrival when taking the tourist drive. The park precinct has a generosity of space, and a lot of amenity and facilities, such as toilet facilities, BBQ areas, picnic shelters and linear connected pathways”.

“This would suggest the park is of a size and capacity for a myriad of uses, and with no adjacent commercial uses, that this precinct would easily accommodate many small to large scale events and activities. The project is aimed to provide for families, recreational users, weddings and community activities, while promoting in the local Indigenous and Environment Values found in the area.”

“This precinct is not seen to attract large numbers of people and as such it may not provide enough of a market to support commercial activities. The park is still appropriate for some water access activities, such as non-motorised sports hire, small to medium sized ventures, such as mobile bait and tackle sales, and bookable spaces for group fitness and weddings”. Place Group Design

Project timing
– Commenced in January 2017
– Two Community Consultation
– Endorsed (Council Meeting) on 3 October 2017

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