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Rail Level Crossing Funded – Beams Road, Carseldine


The Queensland State Government has announced that it will support the Rail Level Crossing upgrade project and invest $128 million to the remove a notorious bottle-neck near on Beams Road, in proximity to the Carseldine train station.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Premier outlined that project would bottle-neck and remove the congestion.

“The local community and anyone who drives on Beams Road around Carseldine will have been caught at the bottleneck around the rail line,” “Every time that boom arm goes down at the Beams Road level crossing, that means more time for people waiting in traffic.

“Local MP Bart Mellish has been pushing to see funding locked in for his community, and with Brisbane City Council and Federal Government also committed to it, now is the time for all levels of government to get this project moving,” the Premier said.

Bart Mellish, Member for Aspley outlined that the funding commitment was fantastic news for the local community.

“I’ve been pushing to fix the Beams Road Level Crossing since 2017, but as locals know this has been an issue for a generation” 

“The fact we now have a commitment from all three levels of government with dollars locked in budgets to get the job done is a tribute to the perseverance of the dedicated locals who continued making Beams Road a priority.

“I thank the Premier, Treasurer and Minister Bailey for listening to the community and backing us on Beams Road.

“This funding won’t just finally deliver a fix for the level crossing, but it will cover a precinct-wide plan for more commuter parking and upgrades to the surrounding road network.

“There are also opportunities ahead to build new public spaces and upgrade the road network as part of Carseldine Urban Village, so this project will build on that and transform how are community connects,” Mr Mellish said.

Cameron Dick, Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning outlined how the Queensland State Government would invest in strategic projects that demonstrate a clear benefit for the community.

“As we unite and recover from COVID-19, we want to make sure our investments will deliver for generations to come,” the Treasurer said.

Current Funding
Queensland State Government – $128 million commitment
Brisbane City Council – $70 million commitment
Federal Government – $50 million commitment

Mark Bailey, Minister for Transport and Main Roads outlined that the funding would deliver a precinct-wide transport plan.

“With funding committed in Brisbane City Council’s budget and Federally, we have a solid commitment to upgrade roads, remove the rail level crossing and build more parking spaces at Carseldine train station,” 

“The Palaszczuk Government’s commitment will cover the majority of $248 million cost to deliver the Beams Road transport plan.

“Work on a business case for the level crossing removal will finish early next year, with construction to start later in 2021.

“We’ll keep the community informed each step of the way and, while they will have to wait a bit longer, the wait will be worth it.

“The good news is we have already completed the design for the $15 million expanded park n ride at Carseldine station, and I expect early works to start by the end of the year,” Mr Bailey said.

A Planning Study for the rail level crossing on Beams Road in Carseldine has commenced. The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) as part of the investigation, will consider options to reduce congestion and address safety concerns for both rail commenters, drivers and pedestrians.

The community consultation will be aided by TMR updates throughout the process, with the planning study in consultation with locals and community in the area.

Either side of the train line along Beams Road has been subject to recent community discussion, with the announcement of a new Co-Education Catholic Secondary Collage and the Carseldine Urban Village redevelopment of the former QUT Campus.

The planning study identified key issues, constraints and long-term requirements. This included a robust options analysis process to arrive at three feasible options:
1. Widening of the existing level crossing to four lanes
2. Overpass (road over rail)
3. Overpass (rail over road)

Project Investigation aims:
– Improved and more reliable travel times for rail and road users
– reduced congestion for all road users
– improved safety and access for all road users.

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– Interactive Image: Google Streetview

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