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How to Prepare Your Airbnb Property For 2021


Airbnb has been an incredibly lucrative venture for homeowners all over the world, and the barrier to entry is so low that lucky travellers are getting to experience the best there is to offer. Given that Airbnb has now been around for more than 10 years, hosts are looking to bring a unique flair to their listings and delight their guests with all the creature comforts they expect. If your continuing your short stay journey in 2021 or are new to the scene, let’s discuss how to prepare your Airbnb property for 2021.

1. Modern conveniences
Regardless of the type of experience you are trying to create, your guests are going to expect some modern conveniences like WiFi, enough powerpoints and maybe even a TV and TV unit. Having these standard offerings means that you can cater to every guest type and are less likely to receive a poor review from someone upset about not being able to stay connected. If you want to take this a step further, you can also include a safe for the room, a basic coffee machine, a hairdryer and an iron. It might seem simple, but so many knock-out properties fail to meet these modern standards and it can get their stay off to the wrong start.

2. A compelling guest guide
It is always such a thrill to receive a notification that someone is wanting to book your property, and it also comes with some responsibility as they are recognising your offering to be the best fit for them. Having a detailed guest guide in the room can be very valuable for guests, especially if they are from the other side of the world and have no idea what to expect from the area. You should be including a neighbourhood guide, some recommended restaurants, local amenities and any experiences that are nearby and worth engaging in. You can also include your house rules in this guide and tell your guests a little bit more about yourself and the property. Think of this as another way to curate the perfect experience and get a great review in recognition.

3. Do a competitor analysis
If you are doing well in your suburb and price range, don’t be naive in thinking you are the first and only option for travellers. By completing a comprehensive analysis of your local competitors, you can assess what their unique selling points are and any shortfalls you might have in comparison. You could also get some great ideas and be inspired to shake up your own listing. This exercise might highlight that your rate is too high or too low, and be sure to read their guests reviews to hear exactly what the guests liked so that you can learn from this intel.

4. Create a cleaning schedule
Cleanliness is so important to guests, and it is one of the main criteria that your guests will rate you on. If you don’t already have a cleaning schedule in place, create one so that you have a smooth 2021 and can assure that every guest is checking into a sparking property. Think about things like towel and sheet inventory – do you have enough or are you always waiting to wash and dry them quickly before your next guest’s check-in. Stock yourself with some back-ups to take the edge off when you have a tight turnover. You can also write a cleaning checklist so that you can move through the house quicker and know that you remembered everything that needed attention.

Airbnb is such a great platform and managing your property bookings can feel like you are running your own business. Now for that business to succeed in 2021, use these steps to prepare for a profitable year and don’t forget to learn from every single review.

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