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Mixed Use Master Plan – Park Road, Yeronga


A development application has been lodged for a mixed use development, located on the corner of Park Road and Villa Street, Yeronga.

The site is in proximity to Yeronga train station, State Primary School, State High School and Yeronga Memorial Park.

Designed by Archipelago, the proposal has been named ‘Parkside Yeronga’ that seeks the ultimate redevelopment of the the former TAFE site, under the Yeronga Priority Development Area (Yeronga PDA).

The proposal seeks a Preliminary Approval to establish a new mixed-use community that provides a mix of commercial, residential, recreational and community land uses.

The proposal also seeks a subdivision for 1 lot into 14 lots over 4 stages to form the site into portions for future redevelopment by each member of the private sector consortium. Each member has the responsibility for the development within a portion of the 3.3ha site that contribute to the ultimate master plan redevelopment.

Consortium Members
– Brisbane Housing Company
– JGL Properties
– Children Health Queensland
– Retire Australia

Precincts Plan

Maximum Building Heights

Master Plan
The master plan identifies four (4) precincts:
– Residential precinct
– Community precinct
– Commercial precinct
– Open Space precinct

Residential Precinct
– JGL Properties, Brisbane Housing Company and Retire Australia.
– Five separate pockets of residential development
– Multiple dwellings
– Residential care facility and Retirement facility
– Housing diversity focus
– Dedicated affordable, mainstream and retirement living
– Majority of the site occupied
– Internal road network and central Green Spine
– Community garden
– Green Spine public access

Master Plan Layout

Commercial precinct
– EDQ delivered and occupied by Children’s Health Queensland
– Mixed use development
– Public Plaza to connect commercial development
– Positioned on the highest point for views
– Height and scale responsive to surrounding land uses

Community Precinct
– Accommodate the Yeronga Community Centre
– EDQ delivered
– Active frontage to Villa Street
– Pedestrian connections to the Public Plaza and Green Spine
– Expansive views toward Brisbane City

Open Space Precinct
– Public Open Space
– Existing vegetation retained
– Shade trees will be provided
– Pedestrian paths and benches
– Planting and vegetation

Development Details
– 5x Areas for future Multiple Dwelling Buildings
– 3x Areas for future Retirement living and aged care facilities
– Area for Community Centre building
– Area for Commercial / Health Care building
– Public Plaza
– Public Open Space
– Green spine community garden
– Pedestrian paths
– Private Open Space (each multiple dwelling area)
– 2x vehicle access to Parks Road

The planners at Ethos Urban state, “The proposal guides future development within the YPDA by prescribing various controls and subdividing the site to make it ‘construction ready’ for future developers. This involves establishing, four (4) precincts to spatially organise development and set land use expectations for a range of stakeholders, including MEDQ (the asset owner) and the community (the end users). This process ensures only primary land uses, and some secondary land uses (generally at a lower scale) are located consistently with the intent of the Development Scheme”.

The redevelopment will provide relevant residential, commercial, community and visitor car parks spaces. The car parking access from each building will be from Parks Road via a new local road network.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 13 September 2021
– EDQ Reference: DEV2021/1221
– Address: 70 Park Road, Yeronga
– Application Report: Ethos Urban
– Architect Drawings: Archipelago,
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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